‘I’m going to tear you apart, from the inside.’ – Ultron, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So the new trailer was released the other day which was epic and, not gonna lie, I probably watched it like 50 times. I feel like there’s a lot that this trailer gives us without actually giving us a lot. So I decided to go through and break down the trailer bit by bit and give my thoughts on what I thought were the most important parts.




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Before we get into the big stuff, lets just appreciate the fact it looks like most of our guys are sporting new uniforms, which in my opinion look much better than the old ones. I was never a fan of Captain America’s gear so I’m glad he was on if the guys to get a new wardrobe. I’m assuming this comes down to the fact they’re actually a team now, we can see Cap’s uniform sporting the ‘Avengers’ emblem on his sleeve, so looking good guys.

 Ruffalo has stated that during this installment we’re going to explore more of what’s going on in the green guys head than Banners. This is interesting when put with the information that supposedly the green guy is just as afraid of Banner as Banner is the green guy. What is going on with you man?


Well, look who’s back! As if he was going to resist staying away for long. After the events of Winter Soldier, Fury handed S.H.I.E.L.D over to Coulson, giving him the opportunity to rebuild it from the ground up. From what we can gather, Fury has been spending his free time with the Avengers trying to clean up the mess after Winter Soldier although he was allegedly dead to the world.

 Who even is this? We are given no indication in the trailer; she’s just sort of slipped into the second trailer as if we wont notice her. There are a few rumors, however I don’t care for the speculation this early on. That being said the consensus is that she must be important if she’s in the trailer and could be a good way to open the doors for one of the other movies being released during phase 3.

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Okay so, young Black Widow? Yes please! I’m glad we’re given the indication we’re going to see some of her backstory, implied here that it involved being some sort of patient or inmate of Von Strucker. However, note the hand that grabs her is most definitely a woman, not Von Strucker’s. I hope we get a good glimpse at Natasha’s murky past. This scene is shown with a VO from Natasha stating ‘we have no place in this world.’ Who exactly is she talking about? Is this Marvel’s way of setting the groundwork for future movies like Captain America 3: Civil War.

 We’re given a closer look at Ultron’s robot army. It’s very possible that the blue eyes are a way of showing their allegiance to Ultron, with his eyes being red to help distinguish his from the crowd. I know they’re a part of the bad boys team, but they look pretty cool right?!

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There is no conformation that Andy Seriks is here portraying Ulysses Klaw, who in the comics is a scientist who specializes in ‘applied sonics’ and is an expert when it comes to Vibranium, the precious metal that makes Captain America’s shield. However, despite the no conformation, it seems very likely. We know that he is here as a villain and would appear to be involved with Ultron in some way, perhaps to make him a body suit made from pure Vibranium? A theory which is perhaps validated by the shots from the first shot of Ultron covered in some molten to make a new body suit.


Here we have an extended scene between the Hulk and Black Widow. It’s being very obviously implied in both trailers that there is a very deep connection between the two of them. Perhaps she is being used as some sort of anchor for the green guy’s mental stability or balance. This would make sense in terms of how close its implied Natasha and Banner have become throughout various scenes.


This is a pretty cool clip, showing of Ultron’s energy beam, which appears to be some sort of alternate version of Thor’s lightening. This scene is accompanied with Ultron’s VO stating that he’s going to ‘tear you apart, from the inside.’ It’s also been implied that this could be Ultron’s final form, is it forged with Vibranium? If so, that could be very bad news! The rare metallic element has the power to absorb all vibrations and kinetic energy directed at it. That energy then becomes trapped at a molecular level, making the metal even stronger.

Another amazing shot of the Hulkbuster, following the first look in the first trailer. There isn’t really a lot to say about it other than the fact it looks pretty damn cool. What will be really interesting is to see what sets the green guy off, what triggers this? Is it possible he’s under some sort of mind control? Or does this perhaps happen after the intense moment shared with Natasha seen before, does something happen to her that makes him turn on the others? What is interesting is that Andy Serkis and Mark Ruffalo supposedly worked closely on bringing the Hulk to life, to focus more on making him a person.

So there you have it, let me know down below if you’re as excited as I am for this! Or let me know some of your theories on who you think the mysterious woman is or whats happening with our favourite green guy.

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