Broken Rainbow logoBroken Rainbow is the UK’s largest charity in supporting LGBT men and women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. The charity was set up in 2004 and last year supported over 5000 victims. The charity provides many varieties of support from the helpline service to email or online chat services that run at different points throughout every weekday.

News has come up this week that Broken Rainbow is facing having its helpline funding cut after the home office is yet to confirm whether or not they will extend the funding for the next year. This comes up as many LGBT charities receive cuts to their funding. Broken Rainbow have stated that their current funding only pays for one helpline worker at a time and therefore callers are often, unfortunately, met with an engaged tone. In addition to this, due to the service going relatively unknown, people do not know that they can then turn to the online chat service.

It is clear that the money is not there to support the demand that this charity has. Domestic Violence services in general are a highly valued and needed service, however, in May 2014 it emerged that LGBT people are more than twice as likely to have experienced domestic abuse compared to heterosexual relationships and half of the victims didn’t know where to turn to for support.

Broken Rainbow helps some of the most vulnerable within society by doing the best it can with what is has and, therefore, extra funding and also extra publicity to get the word out about the unique and relatively unknown service will always be much appreciated.

Follow either link below to donate if you can, even the smallest amount will go towards making a difference in the lives of people whose life is at risk.

By Rachael Millmoor