From 10 am on the 22nd January to 10am 23rd January, the Fine Art committee will have endured the cold, the tiredness and the lack of food in order to organize the ‘Big Draw’.

The event lets students, staff and anybody else who is in the area can draw on one of their 3 canvases. As well as this, there was a bake sale that sold treats such as cupcakes, flapjacks and cookies in order to raise additional funds,

I spoke to the organizer of the event who said, ‘I think that then biggest challenge is the cold. Fortunately we will be armed with blankets, hot water botter and coffee so should be ok.

The Fine Art committee also mentioned that they are organizing a charity auction on the 23rd February. It will be hosted at the student union, and everything auctioned off will be creations by the students.

Anybody who has money needs to make a donation if they can. The Fine Art students need to raise £4000 by the end of the year.


Kelly Davies



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