Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter and The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask 

These are easily my two favourite moisturisers on the market at the moment. Firstly, Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter (left) smells A-M-A-ZING! It contains shea butter and aloe vera, so it’s silky smooth and not greasy, which is the perfect combination in my opinion. My pet peeve with moisturisers is them being greasy, so these two products are perfect for me as they aren’t greasy in the slightest.

The Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask from The Body Shop I bought as an impulse purchase and it is probably the best purchase I’ve ever made! Not only is it soft and silky, but it always has several benefits! Not only does it reduce the appearance of scars, but it also helps produce collagen – which slows the anti-ageing process and makes the skin look plumper – a miracle in a pot!

However, the Vitamin E Mask is £13 a pot, so while it might not be cheap, it lasts for a very long time. I’ve had it for 2 months and I’m not even a quarter of the way through after using it at least once a day. So technically, it’s an investment rather than a purchase. That’s all the justification I need!



Soap & Glory’s Hand Food

The best moisturiser I’ve ever used, and again, it’s smells BEA-UTIFUL!


MAC Mineralize Lipstick (All Out Gorgeous)

I am a self obsessed MAC addict and I have at least 15 lipsticks of theirs. However, the only kind I have is from this Mineralize range. It seems smoother and I think it lasts longer than their normal lipsticks; almost like a lip tint. Also, look at the colour! I can see why they named it ‘All Out Gorgeous’ because the colour is GORGEOUS!


Mally Beauty 

If you’ve never heard of Mally the make-up artist then you’re majorly missing out! Her products are FABULOUS! One of my favourite products of hers is the ‘Face Defender’ (which contains traces of diamonds) which can be applied by a sponge and it sets your make up in place and stops shine; preventing it from coming off through sweat or just simply from long-term wear. Anything that makes my make up stay on for the whole day is fine by me!

Also, all of her eyeliners are ‘bulletproof’ – meaning that from when you apply them, leave it for 30 seconds to set and it won’t come off until you remove it. I was so sceptical at first, but it really does work and now I’m hooked!



Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Palette (The Main Event)

I adore Bare Minerals make up and their eyeshadows are something special. They’re eyeshadows contain loads of pigment; meaning stronger, bolder colours. I do love a good pigment!


Elegant Touch Adhesive Nails 

I’m pretty lazy, so rarely paint my nails, and I’m also pretty clumsy so every time I paint my nails, guarantee they’ll be smudged in 5 minutes. So these nails are the best solution for me and they last for 4/5 days too – perfect!



Natasha Lane