So it turns out that it is actually possible for Kim Kardashian to be even more self-obsessed than before. Surprised? No, me neither.



This nauseating self-obsession can be found in the form of T-Mobile’s new Superbowl advert, where Kim thankfully brings to light a very ‘serious’ matter which effects all of our lives – unused mobile phone data. Seriously Kim, thank god you were here to raise awareness of this senseless act of cruelty!

According to Kim, this unused data that goes to waste could be spent on looking at pictures of her ‘make-up’, her tennis ‘back-hand’, her ‘outfits’, her ‘vacations’, oh, and her ‘outfits’ again.

Kim K


After watching this advert I dropped everything.  I realised that all the things I thought were meaningful in my life from my friends, my family, and my social life have all been a complete waste of time. Then it dawned on me that if I had spent the whole of my adolescence with my nose placed firmly against my phone screen, gawping at Kim’s super big behind, well, my life up until now would have been so much more fulfilling.


I couldn’t help but laugh as the Daily Mail declared: “She has got a sense of humour!”

Kim 2


Kim may think she’s made a smart move featuring in an advert which pokes fun at the shallowness of celebrity culture. But I just can’t help thinking how much the advert company is in fact making fun of her, mocking her self-obsessive penchant to take a selfie every second of the day.

I took to twitter to see the range of mixed responses to the new T-Mobile advert:

‘Makes sense. She became famous because of a cell phone video #RayJay  RT @KimKardashian’

  • Clem (@The Clem Report) January 26, 2015

‘”@KimKardashian: So excited! Going to be in a @TMobile ad! ” T-Mobile? You are better than this, Kim.’

  • Tori ‏(@naturallytori)January 26, 2015

‘Proof that @KimKardashian is actually incredibly self-aware’

  • ELLEUK ‏(@ELLEUK) January 27, 2015

Kim 3


The true genius here is that if you adore Kim this ad is a celebration of everything you hold nearest and dearest about her. If not, well just thank your lucky stars we don’t live in America where you would probably be forced to watch the ad up until the end of Superbowl. Either way, Kim’s still getting paid big bucks.

Victoria Cox