When it comes to hairstyles, the male species clearly have it easier than the ladies. We not only have to worry about straightening and curling times depending on hair length, but the maintaining of said styles using more than three sticky and annoying products at any one time.

When we go to the hairdressers, it’s a completely different scenario. Men can go from a messy Ryan Gosling-esque look to Jason Statham in seconds and feel no regrets; meanwhile, a woman can get half an inch taken off from the bottom and be full of heartache and agony because it’s ‘too short’.

But when men decide to mix it up a little bit with their hair, whether it’s for style purposes or for sheer convenience, the world goes into meltdown mode. Enter ‘Man Bun’.


I know a fair few people that have dabbled with the ol’ man bun/top knot and it’s not been an ideal situation for them. If I look at a guy in a man bun, the last thing I consider it as is ‘cool’, especially if it’s scraped within an inch of it’s life in an uncomfortable little bean-sized thing on the top of their heads.

No, guys, that’s NOT how a man bun works. It’s supposed to be cool, effortless, and loose. In fact, the man bun style should be so laid back that it surprises it’s owner.

Man: Bun! How did you happen?

Bun: Hellocool, lumberjack looking man who might also have a beard. Oh, me? Well, you were carrying all those heavy things around and your hair kept getting in the way. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be hanging out back.

Man: Excellent. Thanks, Bun. Is it okay if I call you that?

Bun: Of course, it would be an honour, cool lumberjack man plus beard.

(I might be tired)

The point I’m trying to make is if you’re attempting to grow your hair for a man bun, then do so with freedom, love and the upmost respect from women who have been dealing with hair at ‘that awkward length’ for many decades. But know this, male species, there is only one man who looks 100% stylish and good with a man bun:





Not this guy.




You’re welcome.

May your life be exciting and your man bun be full of volume.


By Anna Landi