If you want to curl up in the sofa with your other half or you’re not as bitter as the other singles out there and want to indulge in a little bit of soppy romance this Valentine’s Day then perhaps a good romantic film is on the cards.

I’m not going to recommend the typical; they may not be the best movies to have ever been made but when you just want to curl up on the sofa you want a film that switches off your brain and lets your indulge in your, probably guilty pleasure, romantic side. So in no particular order here we go…

1. Valentine’s Day

Often called a poor man’s Love Actually this film follows several interlinking stories of romance in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Now I consider Love Actually more of a Christmas film so if I’m looking for a replacement I head towards Valentine’s Day with a star-studded cast including Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johannsson…I could go on.

2. The Notebook

I said I wasn’t going to recommend the obvious but I could hardly write a list of romantic films and miss off this classic. With Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the two lead roles this film follows the story of a poor man who falls in love with a rich woman and when they are torn apart he finds every possible way of getting back to her.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

I’m a big fan of Heath Ledger so I’m quite happy I can involve him in this little list of mine. This film focuses on a new boy in school, Cameron (played by an adorably young Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who wants to date a girl however he finds out that by her father’s rules she is not allowed to date until her older sister does. Her older sister, Kat, quite easily the most ill-tempered outcast girl in the whole school, is not interested in dating in the slightest therefore in order to date the girl he wants Cameron pays Patrick, another outcast in the school, to get him to date Kat so that Cameron can get his date. The story follows Patrick’s endeavours to win Kat’s heart with humour, charm and occasionally just general making a fool of himself.

4. Notting Hill

Ordinary person falls in love with celebrity; we’ve all been there in our minds. We’ve all had the thought of what would happen if I could date my favourite celebrity crush well this film tells you just how that could go. Hugh Grant plays his usual humorous bumbling male lead role and Julia Roberts plays her role as a world famous actress with a skill and grace that only a world famous actress could.

5. He’s Just Not That Into You

Whilst this film does end with some of the typical it also ends with some of the not so typical. This may be a one for the slight cynics out there with it’s sometimes all too real views on dating and love. This story follows interlinking stories of affairs, crushes and misleading behaviour in all areas of dating. It follows the dating and romantic endeavours of nine people who are thwarted by differing opinions and desires at every turn.  At the centre however is a hopeless romantic, Gigi, who just can’t ever seem to get it right.

Rachael Millmoor


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