Twenty years and no Valentine

Yes, the title is right: I am a soon to be a 20 year old girl (April 21st woop woop) and I have never, not even once, had a valentine. This could be extremely depressing to some but for me, it’s pretty much the norm.
To make it worse, I’ve never been in a serious relationship either so this is probably why. While some of my friends are going on holiday with their better halves and going out for lush dinners, I’m at home willing my crush to text me back.
In school, Valentine’s Day was something we dreamed of taking part in. We would talk about our ideal Valentine’s Day date/outing and talk about the celebrity we would like to go out with. But now it’s like: what the hell, why don’t I have a valentine?!
To be quite honest, I’m not all that upset about it, I mean it’s life, right? Not everyone can take pictures on Instagram of their gorgeous better half, their delicious dinner and decked out hotel room. Some of us are here to be the ones to post creepy selfies that barely get 30 likes.
I can’t say that there is a particular reason for my not having a Valentine after all these years, maybe the timing isn’t right? Or maybe all of the idiots who I was willing to text back were shit anyway (they were) and maybe, just maybe, I’m meant to be kept “pure” for my Prince Charming to come and sweep me off my library chair.
I guess I’ll let you guys know if my theory is true next year.