(From left to right) Chrissy, Dan and Will of Against The Current. ©

Against The Current is a Pop Punk Alternative band from New York who gained an incredible amount of popularity through YouTube like so many fantastic artists. Back in 2012, we were introduced to the band through artist Alex Goot’s channel, on which they collaborated on a cover of “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen.

From that point on, they continued to develop as a band, performing more covers of popular songs as well as collaborating with other popular artists like Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui. (Covers can be found on the Channel HERE. They are worth checking out.) Singer Chrissy Costanza, claimed an additional following due to her on her own channel, where she often vlogs, talks about the band and posts makeup tutorials.

The band released their first EP “Infinity” spring last year.


All the songs on the five track EP are everything I expect from a female fronted pop band. It’s punchy, fun and catchy and quickly made its way onto my summer playlist last year. I really love “Comeback Kid” because it’s an Against the Current pop song. No ifs. No buts. Just catchy, fun music. “Another You (Another Way)” show a more emotional side to the band. It’s lyrically sound and a musically awesome track with orchestrated instrumentals backing it.

Then of course we need to just take a moment to appreciate this incredible cover of Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”, a song I wasn’t a huge fan of to begin with but this cover has made a fan out of me: to the point I find the original really lacklustre. The cover also features another Punk Alternative rock band Set It Off who compliment Chrissy, Dan and Will and are another band who were popularised through YouTube.

And now I’m excited to see they have another EP on the way (releasing February 17th) and after recent success and popularity, I’m sure it’s going to be some of the bands best work yet.

The first song on the EP is also called Gravity, is a great example of how far the group were willing to take their roots to something greater. They’ve worked out the bands direction and sound and they sound so much more grown up and confidant in their sound. Gravity is a well written, pop punky tune with a lot of love and substance.

They have also released an exclusive track to altpress.com “Talk” which you can also check out here!


Against the Current will be releasing their next EP, Gravity, on the 17th Feb. You can pick it up from here [https://against-the-current.myshopify.com/] and from iTunes. [https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gravity-ep/id963934553]

Ben Howgill 


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