The Oscars are over. The awards have been presented and now it’s time to criticize what people were wearing. Well not quite…But I’m going to pick out the 5 women I thought really dressed to impress last night. Feel free to disagree!

I’m going to start with Rosamund Pike in Givenchy.

This lady showed up in red (if you’ve seen Gone Girl you know the connection I instantly made between that colour dress and who was hosting the award show – quite scary…RUN NEIL!) and looked classy as hell. A classy cut with something different and interesting about it is my favourite kind of dress to see at award shows. When someone like Rosamund dresses in a style that suits their shape, its heaven. But when someone doesn’t…not naming names *cough* Felicity Jones *cough*… then it’s all together rather disappointing.

Next up, Zoe Saldana in Versace.



Again, a smile style that suits her body shape, you won’t believe me but that woman had twins 3 months ago! Looking curvy and beautiful in a colour that makes her skin glow – this dress is basically perfection. There’s nothing more I can really say about this dress, it’s nothing too extravagant but it’s just simply beautiful and you can’t go wrong with.

Thirdly, Miss Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein.



Now much like Lupita herself, this dress is something wildly different and unexpected. Lupita looks stunning in a dress that has 6000 pearls on it – now if that doesn’t scream classic beauty I don’t know what does.

The next choice for ‘Best Dressed’ I’ve made is Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford.


Now when you’ve got a body that can pull off something this figure hugging, then you’ve pretty much got it made. As someone who has a flare for the monochrome, I really can appreciate this typical colour combination, but as proved time and time again white is a very tricky colour to wear as an overall base colour. It can wash you out or make you look bigger than you are but as with everything Reese does she carries this dress off with perfected ease.

Last but not least is….well…I couldn’t choose. So Jessica Chastain in Givenchy and Scarlett Johansson in Versace are my joint choices.



Jessica was certainly turning heads as she looks incredible in a navy blue dress with a beaded top that hugs her curves and really compliments her skin tone. As someone with pale skin I can relate to the difficulty of picking colours that don’t make you look like you’ve just died, and along with the red hair, it is very easy for actresses to get their colour wrong but Jessica looks simply beautiful. This might actually be my favourite dress of the evening!

As for Scarlett, well… this woman looks good in everything, so need I say more? Perfect colour, perfect shape, subtle detailing on the dress with something bold around the neckline so it’s not all cleavage central; a note that Jennifer Lopez probably could have done with reading this year. This is simply gorgeous.

This year was all about the classic light colours, nothing too outlandish or bold. A simple and stylish hair style seemed to be the consensus, as was limited simple accessorises. All round it was a great year for the women at The Oscars this year; I have to make honourable mention for Anna Kendrick wearing a stunning Thakoon dress!
But overall, I may be picking out the best dressed here but honestly I think they all looked pretty damn beautiful.

Rachael Atkinson-Millmoor