‘Felicity – You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, The Clock King, The Triad, everyone who has tried to hurt this city – you stopped them. And you will stop Slade.

Oliver – I don’t know how.

Felicity – Neither do I but I do know two things: you are not alone and I believe in you.’ – Arrow, Season 2, Ep 22: Streets of Fire. 

‘Arrow’ first graced our screens late 2012, and straight from the bat I knew it was gonna be good. It follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returning home, after spending five year stranded on an island presumed dead, where he fights corruption and crime as a secret vigilante. His weapon of choice: a bow and arrow. (See what they did there?!)

Sometimes the super nerd in me comes out when I see anything to do with superheroes, whether it’s a TV show, a movie (OHEMGEE MARVEL!!), book, or comic. If you’re the same this is definitely your cup of tea! There is such an intricate back story that just continues to develop throughout the seasons, in all honesty I wasn’t sure how it was going to be expanded to last another season, but it definitely hasn’t failed me, it is planned and executed so so well! It truly keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire episode and you’re able to become so invested in all of the characters, each one having their own story that you see told alongside the overall plot.


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A quick shout out to Felicity Smoak (portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards who is totes adorbs), who is without fail my favourite character of the entire show. I absolutely love her; I am literally her in real life – apart from the fact that my wardrobe is not as adorable as hers! (It’s okay though – I’m working on it.) But honestly the whole cast is fantastic, from John Barrowman to Colton Hayes to Mr Stephen Amell who plays our main man Oliver. (And HELLO! – Have you seen those arms? *Swoon!*)

Season three finally arrived on our screens on Sky One last October, and certainly didn’t disappoint! So I suggest you jump on this bandwagon pretty damn quick!

Arrow Season One Trailer

Arrow Season Two Trailer (SPOILERS)

Arrow Season Three Trailer (SPOILERS)

Taylor Louise Rowley 


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