After having incredibly high hopes for this film after watching the trailer, we were not disappointed in the slightest!

In case you haven’t seen the trailer, then firstly you’re majorly missing out, but you need to watch it NOW:

Now of course the film is a bit far fetched in places, but what do you expect? It’s a secret service film… not your run of the mill, every day type of film. This is probably our only criticism of the film, but it’s not really a big criticism. With that said, it is also not your run of the mill secret service film like James Bond, its more a cross over between Johnny English and The Matrix (you’ll understand when you see Gazelle).

The theme of the movie is based around the idea that ‘a gentleman (or woman!) is not born, they choose to be one’ and this movie showcases that brilliantly. Everyone’s favourite actors are in the film: Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine. Also, Samuel L. Jackson’s character ‘Valentine’ has a lisp and it shouldn’t be funny. but it is HILARIOUS!

While trying not to give away too much of the story-line, ‘Eggsy’ played by Taron Egerton (hubba hubba) becomes involved with The Kingsman secret service and tries to save the world.


However, he encounters ‘Gazelle’ who has weird samurai/blade/sword legs and is really creepy. Like, REALLY CREEPY…


But despite her creepy legs, the film has a wonderful, yet highly amusing dark humour about it and we rate it a 9/10. You can be sure you expect a lot of ‘hahaha,’ ‘ewww,’ ‘wtf,’ and ‘ohhh, that makes sense!’ moments! While it’s not a film where your brain hurts and it isn’t highly complex, it’s dramatic, funny and action-packed!

Amaara Umerji and Natasha Lane

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