News has been circulating on the interwebs recently as one of the writers of the TV show ‘Friends’ has revealed that one of the biggest cliff-hangers that happened at the end of the show’s 4th season was actually a mistake.

David Schwimmer is responsible for this huge turning point in Ross and Rachel’s love story and that was never supposed to happen. Greg Malins, one of the writers for Friends, stated in a behind the scenes video that Ross’s name mistake at his wedding to Emily…

“I, Ross.”
“I, Ross.”
“Take thee, Emily.”
“Take thee Rachel.”

You know the one!

… came about due to a slip-up David made in rehearsals. Instead of saying the line “Emily, the cab is downstairs waiting” David walked in and said “Rachel, the cab is downstairs”. One of the show’s creators David Crane was in the room at the time and turned to Greg and said “That’s it!”

And low and behold, the birth of one of Friends biggest cliff-hangers and plot twists was born. As a huge Friends fan I have to say this new nugget of information nearly sixteen years after the airing of the episode is a delight to hear. Plus I’m a big fan of useless trivia so I can add this to the bank of facts!

Rachael Atkinson-Millmoor

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