This is just a quick post to say that words cannot express how excited I am to watch this movie. I mean just look at that amazing poster! If you haven’t already seen the trailer then watch it here before I go any further…

Insurgent is the second instalment of the Divergent series. The main character, Tris Prior is played by Shailene Woodley and her partner in crime and love interest is played by the scrumptious Theo James. I’m not even ashamed to say he is the main reason that I look forward to watching this!

Unfortunately I haven’t read the books yet but they are on my to do list! If you haven’t watched the first movie in this series, Divergent, check out the trailer here…

You have 10 days to get on board the Divergent train because Insurgent comes out on the 20th March so come back here for the review!

Amaara Umerji

Header image: http://www.mtv.co.uk/insurgent/news/check-out-the-final-explosive-insurgent-poster