Brooklyn Nine Nine is a show I stumbled upon by complete accident. (And by accident, yes I mean when I was in bed looking like a slob eating ice cream and trolling Netflix). It’s a show all about a precinct full of detectives who sometimes tend to do more joking around than solving actual crimes and I know all about sitting around not doing what you’re supposed to. (Hello, I was in bed watching Netflix with an assignment due the following day!)


There are a range of characters, including the ever stoic Capt. Holt, ripped Sargent Jeffords, the overly sassy (and my spirit animal) Gina, carefree Detective Jake Peralta, his best friend Detective Charles Boyle, goody two shoes Detective Amy Santiago and the pleasant (she will actually smash your face against a wall) Detective Rosa Diaz. What I love most about this show is that its such a lighthearted comedy that doesn’t follow the normal conventions of other TV shows. Filled with puns and jokes that will have your sides splitting and a few dramatic will they wont they moments that don’t overshadow the whole show. I have literally binge watched a season a half in the space of a few weeks, it’s the kind of show that you find yourself easily watching and becoming invested in every character. (I’m a hard-core Peralta/Santiago shipper in case you were wondering.)


As the season goes on we are introduced to more characters in very quick succession, which is not very typical for a show like this. For example we meet Captain Holt’s husband Kevin, Gina’s mum, Charles dad as well as Peralta’ s dad. We also get little inklings of back-story, like Peralta and Gina growing up together and Diaz and Peralta going to the academy together. At the very core of this show we have a very strong message of true family being the people you choose to keep close to you.

Despite the pilot episode being a bit slow and definitely not a reflection of the rest of the series (BECAUSE IT GETS SO MUCH BETTER), if you have 20 minutes to spare I definitely recommend watching it because you will be in fits of laughter and will be on the edge of your seat to see what Peralta has up his sleeve.  So just watch it okay? Okay!



Taylor-Louise Rowley  


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