As history goes, we are used to the sound of ‘nil pois’ and being very close to the bottom of the leader board when it comes to the Eurovision song contest, and, as the Marmite show of TV marks its 60th year we are looking to see if England’s entry for 2015 can once and for all break this trend.

This year’s Eurovision hopefuls for the UK – Electro Velvet:


In a video available of the BBC Iplayer, Scott Mills introduces the hopeful who will representing us at this year’s competition in Vienna, this May.  Our entry for 2015 comes from Electro Velvet, a duo consisting of former The Voice contestant Bianca Nicholas and Mick Jagger impersonator Alex Larke. Now, with the presence of a Rolling Stones impersonator I naively attached an expectation of something rock and roll (hey, rock acts tend to do pretty well when it comes to Eurovision) but the song that will be representing us is far from ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.’

‘Still In Love With You’ has a sound that almost mirrors ‘Bare Necessities’ from The Jungle Book, and the video has a somewhat Christina Aguilera referencing Tarzan and Jane in her song Candy Man, vibe to it. It tries hard to impress, with its catchy sound, but compared to the visuals, costuming and sound we can inevitably expect from other extravagant acts, it lacks in flavour.

In comparison to previous UK hopefuls, such as Jemini and Scooch, Electro Velvet don’t seem as though they’ll come across as corny and unsuccessful. You can decide for yourself how well you think the duo will do on the 23rd May at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest by checking out ‘Still In Love With You’ below:

Aimée Costa 


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