tired-ladyI am always tired. ALWAYS.

I honestly do not have a medical reason, I just am. I’m tired therefore I am.
I can do literally NOTHING all day but still feel like I’ve been walking up 30 flights of stairs, by 6pm. When I was in my early teens, I used to come home from secondary school and crash on the sofa in my living room. My mum would wake me up after 20 minutes and ask me why I’m sleeping, my answer: I’m just tired mum. She didn’t understand how I could be tired when all I did was go to school; she even asked if I was pregnant once!
To be quite honest, life is just tiring for me. Being awake; tiring. Getting dressed in the morning; tiring. Having to go to the fridge for food; tiring. I’d just prefer to be asleep all day, everyday but still somehow stay clean, have my belly filled, get all my work done and to not smell like death.
I’m hoping this tired phase of my life ends soon, I mean I’m turning twenteen (yes I just used twenteen instead of twenty; I’m not ready to let go of my teens) in just over a month. Plus my uni work load is getting heavier and heavier as we speak, so there’s no time to be tired 24/7. Keep me in your prayers guys and wish me the best of luck!