How TheFineBros are positively presenting social media

Last summer I had a lot of free time between May and September and somehow developed some serious addictions to quite a few YouTube accounts. One of them is The FineBros.

With over 11 million subscribers, TheFineBros, founded by brothers Benny and Rafi fine, has a platform with a large audience and the power to influence. Each week they post segments (Teens React, Kids React, Elders React and YouTubers React) for their growing fanbase. For the most part, the channel features a select group of people reacting to trivial topics, such as video games, music videos and technology, but they also feature videos which address important topics, several of which we are going to break down.

Kids React to Gay Marriage-

I first came across this video as a result of Tumblr and it was also the first time I came across TheFineBros account. In the video a group of children are shown several marriage proposals with their reactions being ignited from the same sex couples who are proclaiming their love. What is interesting and unique about the videos TheFineBros upload is that the reactions are unscripted and completely real to the individual which results in HONEST responses. What I found stood out in this reaction video is that the older children tended to be more open and accepting of the video they were reacting to, whilst one of the youngest kids had a negative response to the video being shown. It made me wonder if society is potentially going back on itself. In the last few years, gay marriage has been a debate which I often thought was becoming more accepted. Whilst enough isn’t being done to allow all couples to live in equality, I thought progress was being made. The fact that one of the youngest children finds the idea of same sex relationships ‘bad for you’ seems apparent, at least to me, that something in society or in his  household has shaped him to think this way. As a result, my reaction to the video was a sudden realisation that homophobia is still at large in society and is still being taught to children who don’t know any different.

Teens React to Malala Yousafzai

The case of Malala is one that has always resonated in my thoughts. Given that she now lives and presses her campaigns from the UK I was instantly interested to see a response to her outside of her native Pakistan as well as her current British base. Her activism for equal rights for girls, education and peace has made her a world icon since she was shot by the Taliban as a schoolgirl in 2012. Malala is younger than most of the teens reacting to her story of violence, terrorism and advocacy and unsurprisingly they were moved by her experiences. Whilst most teens face the battle of acne, good grades and fitting in, Malala has faced threats against her life for the simple right to education, something myself and the teens in the video take for granted on a daily basis. Their reactions resonated with my own feelings towards Malala and it was enjoyable to watch the teens react to her. This video is a prime of example as to why I love TheFineBros account so much. It allows young people in society, who are generally seen as having no interest in wider issues in society, engage and respond independently with their own intelligent views. The account is a great platform for advertising the positive aspects of social media and how teenagers engage with it.

Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)


To this day, this react video is one I find difficult to watch. As a result of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook I was aware of the tragic story of Amanda Todd and I think this is one of the most important react videos that have been made. Whilst the video is sensitive and very emotionally disturbing it is an example as to how TheFineBros are using their channel to allow young people to engage with serious news and realities which are close to their age group. I was surprised as to how many of the teens weren’t aware of the tragic aftermath of Amanda Todd’s story, and their emotional reactions were raw and resonated deeply. One of the teens honestly reacted that it made them feel bad for any bad thing they’ve ever said to someone. It’s an engaging video as to how teens respond to a tragic outcome from a very seemingly socially acceptable case. Bullying is often a daily occurrence in schools and social media often trivialises the platforms as to which explicit photographs can be distributed as well as how easy it is to cyber bully and be cyber bullied. The video in some instances seems to bring the tragedy that is often presented alongside bullying to the forefront of the teens reactions. They are overcome with the realisation that bullying can and does lead to depression and suicide and their reactions are incredibly disturbed by this reality.

Teens+Elders React to the US Election 2012

Whilst this may not be an important topic of debate for UK students such as us, the video gives a great insight into the differing political perspectives between younger and older generations. For the most part the elders seem to favour Mitt Romney whilst the teens are more for the side of Obama. The video allows teens to give a perspective on the voting ages and given the Republican defence of the elders who are able to vote, it makes a convincing argument for a debate on the age of voting. Given that the teens are the future of their country it seems more fitting that they should have more say in political debates (even if they aren’t able to vote) so that the future lives of America can give a perspective on the future leader of America.

There are many more TheFineBros videos which we could use as examples as to why it is a YouTube account that shows the best in social media and everyday people and their personal views to debates but we will leave it up to you to discover that realm! Be sure to check out some of their more trivial videos too!

Aimée Costa