The lost generation

It was probably about 6 months ago that I was watching BBC THREE’s Free Speech and one panel member was talking about how the government is turning our generation into The Lost Generation. That struck a chord with me. I’m not too sure how everyone else feels about it but, I’m not happy that all we are going to be remembered for is how we were worse off than our parents.

To be quite honest, the guy wasn’t lying. I mean, the economic market has been shit for a while now and does not seem like it’s getting better any time soon. Housing prices have sky rocketed, due to there not being any affordable homes and with the little help of gentrification here and there. And our current government have really messed up our education with their “helpful reforms”. So yeah, we’re kinda screwed.

On the other hand, I think our generation is pretty fly if I do say so myself. Besides being somewhat “lost” we are the technology generation; the Internet is basically the same age as we are. We literally grew up with computers, phones, tablets etc. and we’ve know how to work them all from the age of 10. Our generation has mastered how to make a living from the Internet; we now have an abundance of of bloggers, vloggers and online personalities who all work from the comfort of their living rooms.

One of the best things we’ve done is to create and document history. No more do we have to rely solely on the traditional media outlets to give us the news about current affairs; we now have tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to actually show what’s going on first hand. We’ve been responsible for many great things like; organising peaceful protests for innocently killed young black people and violence against women. We’ve taken charge of the tools we’ve been given and we’ve innovated life as we know it.

So yes, we may be worse off in housing and money and jobs than our parents but, we make the best out of any situation whilst changing the world at the same time. So for that, I think we should be known as The Fly Generation to show that we will soar past whatever is already thought/expected of us.