Earlier this week, the trailer for the upcoming rockumentary (rock documentary) Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck was released. The film recently received praise at Sundance Festival in America, and it seems that Nirvana, and music fans in general, are positively reacting to the trailer and the documentary’s honest insight into Cobain’s life. Both Kurt’s wife Courtney Love and his daughter Frances are credited as executive producers for the film.
Adding to the authenticity of presenting the life of Kurt, the film’s director, Brett Morgan, was given access to Kurt’s personal artifacts, including home videos, drawings and personal writings.

It’s over twenty years since the Nirvana frontman, who is seen as the icon of grunge music and culture, committed suicide.
Over the years there have been countless times that the musician is often romanticised in his personal struggles. Let’s not forget the recent trend for Kurt Cobain suicide note T Shirts.  Many critics have responded with the reaction that the documentary sets out to humanise Kurt, which significantly stems from the film’s use of home videos which include Kurt and his wife Courtney, along with their young daughter.
The trailer for Montage of Heck gives glimmers for viewers that the documentary will honestly portray Cobain and his life. Visually,
the trailer is captivating in the way it animates Kurt’s drawings and journal entries, immersing the viewer in a three dimensional world into the life of Kurt Cobain.
The film also includes inteviews with people who knew Kurt the most, including his widow as well as his former band mate Krist
Novoselic. The film will be released in UK cinemas from April 10th.
Aimée Costa