Unless you’ve been shying away from the news, you will already know that the new Cinderella trailer is causing a great deal of controversy (see trailer below):

The reason for the controversy is because of how TEENY TINY Cinderella’s waist appears in the trailer and there are arguments that this is pressuring young girls even more about their appearance and is warping perceptions on what is beautiful and what is not.

I must admit that I noticed how small Lily James’ waist appeared in the trailer before it reached the news and in my opinion, a waist that appears that tiny does not look healthy one bit.

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Lily James says that her waist was NOT Photoshopped in any way, and it was just her corset that made her waist appear so tiny, however, look how much healthier and gorgeous she is at the Cinderella premiere below:

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Now, I’m all about being healthy rather than skinny (I follow an unbelieveable amount of fitspiration type Instagram accounts, yet still gorge myself with tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – isn’t a balanced diet a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in each hand after all?) and I believe that being healthy is far more attractive than being super skinny, but maybe that’s because I’ll never be one of those super duper skinny model-type girls.

However, when you have an actress playing a Disney princess that young girls from the age of 3 and above will idealise from the moment they see Lily James on the screen, I do think this is sending out a poor body image to the younger generation. While I (at 22) know that there is a high chance of digital altering happening, young girls of 2 will not and they will think this the norm.

Is this healthy and this is what we want to be teaching the younger generation?

In my opinion, no it is not.

Now, taking children to see this film is up to the parent’s discretion, however I can’t imagine many parents being happy with how Cinderella has been personified in this film.

In fact, Disney has come under a lot of criticism for making all of their Disney princesses appear incredibly skinny, rather than a healthy, ‘normal’ size.

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Unfortunately there is no real solution to this other than to boycott Disney. But who can realistically do this? Everyone loves Disney too much to stay away from it, so all we can really do is hope that one day Disney will create ‘normal’ and healthy body images for the younger generations.

By Natasha Lane