louis_3239909bI am a massive fan of Louis Theroux and all of his documentaries. I feel like Louis brings to light the questions that we’re all thinking and explores areas that we’re all intrigued by.

This latest installment is based in a psychiatric hospital in Ohio and Louis meets some of the patients that have lived there for several years who have all been detained there for various crimes.

There is focus on several patients, however my favourite is Jonathan. Jonathan has schizophrenic-affected disorder and has been kept in the hospital because he killed his father. His story, much like the documentary itself, is haunting and brings to light a lot of issues that have previously not been brought to light; yet another great aspect of Louis’ investigative journalism.

This documentary is sad, yet thought-provoking and all of the patients’ honesty; Judith’s is especially refreshing.Yet these patients seem completely sane and their reflections on what they’ve done seem completely rational despite most of the patients being diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizophrenic-affected disorder.

Louis yet again manages to get the interviewees to think from a perspective that they have never considered before, and this is why I love watching his documentaries. I thoroughly recommend watching it.

Link to the documentary:

Natasha Lane