Easter traditions from childhood

Easter as a child was always lots of fun because Mum and Dad would come up with creative egg hunts for me and my sisters. One year they wrote out little riddles we had to solve, taking us on a tour of the house and the garden finding Crème Eggs on the way, finishing in the garage to find the old wardrobe we kept in there full of giant Easter eggs from all of our family!

Another year the hunt revolved around my garden. Now, my parents are big on gardening, in fact they love it so much that they decided to combine their love of gardening with our Easter egg hunt. We have this huge gardening book called the ‘Gardeners Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers’ and it’s basically my mums gardening bible. When it came to our Easter egg hunt my mum handed my sisters and I this mighty green book….needless to say we were a little confused. The book had post it notes sticking out the edges and mum then explained to us that in order to find the eggs in the garden, we must find each of these plants and that is where the eggs will be hiding – clever right?! Our Easter egg hunt turned into even more of a treasure hunt. Running around the garden finding the flowers and plants was just as satisfying as finding those little Crème Eggs hiding beneath them.

Now my sisters and I are all grown up we haven’t done an Easter egg hunt in a very long time, but I’m happy that as a child our Easter egg hunts were always very creative. I’m tempted to recreate it this year for the whole family to join in on, even the dog.

By Lucy Mugford