So in case you haven’t heard by now, Jeremy Clarkson has officially been sacked from Top Gear and will therefore no longer be a presenter; which was officially confirmed on Wednesday 25th March. Of course, for people that read the news and watch the show, everyone knows that Clarkson has never exactly been politically correct. He’s landed himself and the BBC in trouble many times with his controversial slurs, however this incident was caused because he “unprovoked physical and verbal attack”. No, not an incredibly clever idea on his part. However, the police are now involved and Clarkson may faces charges. We’ll have to wait and see…




Now, as a huge fan of Top Gear, I know I’m not alone. Top Gear has a UK following of 6 million people, and a staggering 350 million worldwide following; which is why I am shocked the BBC and Tony Hall sacked Clarkson.







Director General Tony Hall’s speech on why he sacked Clarkson:

James May’s reaction to Clarkson being sacked:



So the big question is whether or not James May and Richard Hammond will continue to present without Clarkson? They’ve been presenting together since 2003 and they worked so well as a trio – can anyone really replace Clarkson?

As there are photos surfacing (left) that the Top Gear hangar (where the show is filmed) is being packed up for the foreseeable future. So it looks like the entire future of Top Gear is uncertain…





Natasha Lane 


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