On Wednesday 25th March, hearts all over the world broke as the news of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction also broke. Directioners (fans of One Direction) were devastated at the news of Zayn leaving the band. However, leading up to this news on Wednesday, a few days before this news surfaced, Zayn had to leave the tour due to stress – which many believe is due to some photos surfacing in which Zayn seems very touchy feely with a fan, but he’s of course engaged to Perrie Edwards from Little Mix:

The fan he got a bit too close with:

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His fiancée Perrie Edwards:


Zayn says that he quit the band because he wants to be a normal 22 year old that he continued in the band for as long as he did to make other people happy, rather than himself. However, in the days after the news breaking, Zayn has been spotted going to recording studios, has decided to become a solo artist and is working on releasing his first single with British producer Naughty Boy; well known for “La La La” (below). It’s all a bit sneaky and calculated in my opinion.

The other band members fully support his decision and will continue as a four-piece. While I’m not a Directioner myself, I know that Zayn’s departure will definitely have caused some upset to leaving possibly one of the biggest boy bands ever. However, in the words of another hugely successful group (Queen): the show must go on…

Although the news has been heartbreaking for some people, there are also some people that have revelled in their hilarity at this news. A Buzzfeed Community got readers to text their parents and break the news to them (, and my personal favourite reactions are below:







Then I found this gem on Facebook and chuckled to myself for a solid 5 minutes:




Ah I love social media at times like these…

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