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Easter, ever since I was a little kid, was never something my family found that important to celebrate. It just seemed like one of those come and go traditions. Admittedly, looking back now all I remember from Easter were the shopping trips my brothers and me did the day after when chocolate was 75% off. Right now I’m lucky to receive one egg because of how expensive they’ve gotten and it seems people have caught on with our day after chocolate buying.

Another childhood memory of mine was in primary school when my school held a competition to design an Easter related object/scenario. I was distraught when I didn’t win. Personally I think my idea of having Humpty Dumpty fallen off his wall accompanied by Haribo fried eggs was a thing of genius but I don’t hold grudges… maybe a little.

From the good memories there will always be the bad; hearing stories of White Chocolate Easter eggs being infested with Spider eggs or Ants. Every time this holiday would come around I’d constantly be on edge. Carefully cracking open each and every egg in hope that a spider wouldn’t leap out into my mouth and infest my brain with its scrawny babies of Evil.

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I hate to be a bummer, but for the last 3-4 years, my Easter has consisted of working. Then this is followed by having 20 chocolate eggs, of which half of them have to turn into cornflake cakes due to the fact that I never eat them. Nowadays, mum and dad will get me an Easter present of use (last year it was my favorite Finding Nemo cushion) as opposed to chocolate eggs.

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My Easter tradition isn’t very exciting. My mum is Buddhist and my dad is Catholic, so we don’t really celebrate the Easter holiday. We just go to my Nan’s and have a roast dinner (is that normal? I have no idea…) and then exchange gifts and eggs. Why gifts? I have absolutely no idea, but I’m definitely not complaining! And I also have no idea about the roast dinner either but I love a roast and I’m always happy when my belly is full; whether that’s with roast chicken or chocolate, I don’t mind…



Well first let me start off by saying that I don’t celebrate Easter in any form because I’m Muslim. With that said though, it doesn’t mean we miss out on all the festivities! So what does Easter mean for Muslims? CHOCOLATE, who doesn’t love chocolate?? And what’s better than chocolate? CHEAP chocolate! The best part is because we don’t need to buy it for anyone before Easter weekend; we can buy it after at fraction of the price! The second best part of Easter… HOLIDAYS, as a masters student, a three-week break is a much needed chance to come up for air. (By come up for air, I mean stay in bed and continue to procrastinate and watch Netflix!)

Last but not least: how funny is this picture!


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