Where has the time gone?

Does anyone else feel like the year is just flying before their very eyes? I mean, how is it April already when we just entered the new year?! This is madness. And scary.
Madness because; why is time speeding up? Is the end times near? Or am I being dramatic?
Scary because this means I’m getting older quicker, the work I’ve been putting off needs to be done sooner and I’ll have to face the real world where paying tax is non negotiable, sooner. I’m probably not the only one not ready for that yet.
Anyway, there’s not much I can do about the speed at which life is going; except live it to its fullest. Obviously that can be quite difficult when you spend most of your week in the library, but when you do have free time, do something to enjoy! Spend that time with people you actually like! Ditch the guy or the girl who’s always a let down even if they do have heaven for lips, you can find someone else who actually responds to your texts and likes you for you.
The point is: there is honestly no time to waste. You don’t want to end up married with 3 kids and debt without cycling at night drunk at least once.
Nabilla Doma