Bruce Jenner is perhaps one of the most well-known names on Earth. A former Olympic Gold Medallist and the father figure to perhaps the most famous celebrity family, The Kardashian Jenner clan, his name has been known since the 70’s. Yesterday, Bruce Jenner made waves in the headlines for his interview with Diane Sawyer, in which he addressed speculation and confirmed that he identifies as a woman, becoming an inspirational name for the transgender community.

Waking up this morning I was delighted to see such positive responses to Jenner’s honest interview. Lady Gaga referred to his interview as being ‘empowering’ and praised the ‘bravery’ Bruce had in being so open about his transition. Of course all of the Kardashian Jenner family took to social media to show their support, with Bruce’s biological daughter Kendall and Kylie referring to their father as brave, and stating their love for him. In the interview, Jenner confessed that the situation has been stressful, with Khloe Kardashian finding the reality difficult due to ‘the losses she’s faced in life.’

I was shocked to hear that Bruce had previously undergone hormone therapy in the past, because it shows that he (for now Bruce is using male pronouns whilst he transitions) has been struggling with his identify for decades, and also because it insinuates the fear that transgender individuals experience. As a ‘macho’ sports star, Bruce had an image to maintain, but underneath the surface he’s been hiding his identity, which must have been extremely difficult to live with, and I’m proud to see Jenner taking the steps he needs to in order to achieve the identity that he’s always felt is more true.

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The ground breaking interview is a massive step for the transgender community, with many individuals stating that each time a celebrity addresses the reality of being transgender, a step forward is taken in society, and it’s understanding of the process. Whilst Bruce did not disclose the name he will be choosing to identify with in the future, he courageously confessed that he has a ‘female soul’ and that the interview would be his last as a male.

We wish Bruce support in his transitioning process, and applaud his candid honesty and how his story may help society to recognise, understand and support the transgender community.

Aimée Costa


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