Up & Go Bounce Off at Leicester Uni


This is the Up & Go Bounce Off obstacle course. A giant inflatable obstacle course that is at Leicester Uni until Thursday 14th May where it then travels to Nottingham University (19th-22nd May) as part of a fun and competitive competition between universities to promote Australia’s number one breakfast (which can be bought at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Amazon and all other leading independent stores). The event is designed to promote an active lifestyle and that I can certainly agree with. One second you are going through tunnels of differing heights (or in my case accidently go through 2 at once before head-butting the 3rd one), next minute you’re running up the top of Sydney harbor bridge (or in my case, panting) before finally leaping off the structure into a giant bit of foam blocks which when you’re absolutely knackered is very difficult to get out of (much to hilarity of the staff).

Picture Source: http://bounceoff.upandgo.co.uk/results.php?i=3551&c=801582

In fact when I interviewed the organisers of the event after my run, they took great sympathy on me and were nice enough to give me water, some Up and Go samples and a nice sit down (once again guys, big thanks.)


So what advice do the organisers suggest? The biggest one I was told was to observe others and use shortcuts. The organisers also told me some stories about some of the more unique outfits of choice that people wear, including Up & Go’s signature kola costume. However the best outfit award goes to a City Banker in London who did the course complete with his briefcase. The fastest time in Leicester is 17.62 seconds, annoyingly that wasn’t my time. I finished in 1 minute and 4.14 seconds which whilst slow, wasn’t the slowest time so far (in fact at the time of writing there are 223 people slower than me, which I think is a pretty good achievement for me). If you think that’s easy to beat (bearing in mind so far only 7 people out of all the participants have beaten the 17 second barrier), then you can try to beat the overall record set by Clarke Brady who competed in London with a mind blowing time of 15.56. Overall if you wanna bounce to win or bounce for laughs, then you have to try the Up & Go Bounce Off before it leaves. Oh and did I forget to say you get a free photo of your epic finale leap and free samples of Up & Go, interested yet?

Kelly Davies