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So, we were lucky enough to go and see Pitch Perfect 2 on its opening weekend. And by that I mean that I harassed Amaara for months until she agreed to go with me, yay! So firstly we went to the main cinema and for the first time in our 22 years on this earth we witnessed a sold out screening, and typically it was for the film we wanted to see. So we thought of a contingency plan (business students, sorry) and went to a different cinema where we thankfully managed to buy tickets and naturally indulged in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The story picks up three years after the last one, and the Bellas have already won three national titles. They seem to heading towards even more stardom when an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction almost ends their careers. The only chance the Bellas have to redeem themselves is to win the worldwide championships, which no American team has ever won. While the singing is amazing as ever, the story could possibly have been developed a teeny bit more, it felt a bit repetitive in places, its very similar to the first one. But, that could be a good thing, if you loved the first film as much as we did then chances are you will love this one too! While we won’t give away any spoilers, we thought this film was great! Not quite as good as the first film, but definitely matched the first film in terms of hilarity. However, the ending was a bit meh which was disappointing – although it did leave it open for another sequel.

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Rebel Wilson is still hilarious and has the same love-hate relationship with Bumper, Beca is still badass and Chloe is still the same neurotic hot mess. But the Barden Bellas are still amazing as ever! However, they face stiff competition from Das Sound Machine; German European acapella champions who are intimidating/scary/sexy all at the same time and they are ALMOST as good as the Bellas – difficult to imagine I know, but their cover of Muse’s ‘Uprising’ is ACA-AWESOME! But if you don’t believe me, here’s a featurette:  If you haven’t seen the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, then firstly what else could you have possibly been doing?! Secondly, you need to watch it right now: I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Banks and she’s a brilliant director and hilarious in the film. Her and John Michael Higgins’ exchanges are some of my favourite scenes in the whole film:

Natasha’s rating: 8/10 Amaara’s rating: 7/10 Let us know what you thought!


Natasha Lane (@tash_lane)