DMU Student @ Shebangs#! Clothing and Individuality Group

Ben Howgill (@benhowgill)

George Alborn, a soon-to-be graduated Graphic Design student from our own De Montfort University has found himself in the thick of it working with newly founded company The idea behind Shebangs#! has birthed from a small group of like minded and talented individuals who wanted to build something that represented and highlighted people.

Shebangs#! was developed with individuality in mind and with the encouragement to take a chance and follow passions and individuality. After a website was published, Christian Schobert, leading of Marketing within the group, started to build the Escape Blog as a way of exploring people and their talents. So far, Christian, who hails from Stuttgart in Germany, has interviewed film makers, textiles students, musicians and composers with more interviews on the way he tells me!

You can check out the Escape Blog here.

Supported by Tony Bindra, a local Leicester man who has been working the clothing trade for many, many years; the group have been able to take this inspiration for individuality and put it into a fantastic new clothing line!George was involved early on to help with the designs of the wear after long time friend, Christopher Simpson, the driving force behind the Shebangs runaway train, caught up with him after his amazing win at the D&AD Awards. The award is a globally recognised accolade, celebrating creative forward thinking and design from all of it’s participants. George’s entry was called BBC Short & Sweet and was part of the New Blood Entry category! Congrats George!

We caught up with George to find out a little bit about some of the awards he has won as a Graphic Designer, where the inspiration for his designs comes from and what the future holds for him.