Summer 4 Students!

Kelly Davies (@cREWllypenguin2) Summer is my favourite season: long nights, trips to the beach etc. But let’s face it, people get bored easily. Moreover students don’t really have that much money, so I’ve found some fantastic deals on holidays and days out for everyone to take advantage of!

Milk and Cereal = 2 for 1.

Kellogg’s have teamed up with the likes of Alton Towers, LEGOLAND, Sea Life and Thorpe Park and others to bring free tickets any of these attractions with some of their most popular cereal brands, including Corn Flakes, Coco Pops and Rice Crispies! Next time you’re shopping, keep an eye out for this logo below and see if you can’t snag yourself a ticket!

Saving: £50.40 when going to Alton Towers.

Take advantage of the fact that you have a longer summer holiday.

The brilliant thing about being a student is that we have stupidly long holidays. This is good because holiday companies like to raise the prices in July and August (when all the kids break up). For example for a 4 night break for 3 people to go to Butlins in Skegness with half board on August 3rd, the cost is £1001.00 or £333.67 a head. Whereas the exact same break with the option of a daily clean on June 22nd is £474.40 or £158.14 a head.  Meaning you can make a splash without splashing out.

Moreover if you have 2 cereal vouchers (or four if you want to be in the actual theme park for both days), then a 2 night trip to Alton Towers staying at their Splash Landings hotel with tickets to the water park is £448.00 for 4 people or £112 a person if you stay on the 3rd August. However stay on the 29th June and it’s only £411 or £102.75 a person. Then you simply pay £25.20 for each day you wish to spend in the actual theme park. Money saved: £175.53 per person (when taking advantage of the Butlins offer).

When you can, Bring Friends

There are two types of charging in the attraction world. Firstly there is the per person charge that Alton Towers, Butlins, Drayton Manor, Go Ape, etc. charge. Secondly there is the per group/ accommodation charge. For example, a 90 minute raft building session at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre is £115. If you are a group of 6 this equals £19.17 a person, however invite 4 more friends and the cost goes down to £11.50 a person.

Moreover if you fancy going away for a week to the great British Coast then Haven for a week in Mapplethorpe on the 3rd of August is £782.10 for a caravan for 8. If you have 6 people going then this is £130.35 which for a week in August is pretty good. However if you have 8 people then this goes down to £97.77 per person.

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Money Saved: £32.58 when taking advantage of the Haven offer.

Starting or returning to university in September? Take advantage of the NUS deals.

NUS cards allow students like you to get discounts from all sorts of wonderful places. This means you can do everything from a day trip to a Theme Park to catching the latest film whilst saving money. For example if you go to Pizza Express on either a Monday or a Tuesday and show your NUS card, then you get a huge 40% off your food and drinks.

If you’re not a pizza fan? Well how does a day trip to Blackpool Pleasure beach sound? With your NUS card it’s only £18 for the whole day saving you £9. Moreover you get 10% to Ripley’s Believe it or not and 20% off any ride photos.

Moreover your NUS discount gives you a third off stays at the Alton Towers hotel and 37% off their Splash Landings hotel which makes the prices I worked out earlier even cheaper. If you haven’t got a NUS card yet then log onto NUS Extra when you can apply for a NUS for only £12 for the whole year. Not only does it give you access to the deals I spoke about here, but it gives you discounts for Dominos, Pizza Hut, LEGOLAND, New Look, Sponge Cakes and bags more. Money saved: £9.00 using the Blackpool leisure beach deal.

Total Savings:

  • £50.40 for an Alton Towers ticket
  • £175.53 for 3 people to go to Butlins on a Monday to Friday Break
  • £7.67 saving for 10 people to go on a 90 activity experience at Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Center.
  • £32.58 per person when 8 people rent an 8 birth caravan at Haven’s Golden Sands in Mapplethorpe from the 3rd-10th August.
  • £9.00 per person by ordering a day Wristband to Blackpool Pleasure beach online via the NUS Extra link.
  • £16.44 from taking 37% off the total cost of the room in Splash Landings using to quote I was given for 29th June for 2 nights with tickets to the Waterpark for one day.

If you apply all these deals then you will save £291.62 + any savings you get from Pizza Express.

Extra Savings and Disclaimers:

For Butlins, you can’t have any more than four 16-21 year olds and no more than 8 under 30 year olds per booking unless you speak to them prior. Take a note of this when you are booking. If you are disabled or have disabled friends/ family then the following do special discounts: Good Food Show Summer: Free ticket for Career/Assistant/companion with every paying disabled person saving £22 (£23 if you go on a Saturday). Drayton Manor: A disabled person and their companion get in for £15 each when booked at least a week in advance saving up to £42 for two people. For every paying disabled person who visits West Midlands Safari Park, a companion get in for free saving £17.99. Pizza Express also do discounts on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays however this is only 20% off as opposed to 40%. The £115 price at the Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Center is for all activities with the exception of Arial Trekking and Zip wire which are £160 for a 90 minute session. Have a look at discount websites such as Groupon, Wowcher and Amazon Local for extra savings on experience days.