Kelly Davis

1) Some things should never be googled.

You’ll hear about it during a round of Ring of Fire. Then you’ll foolishly google it and then have to down half a bottle of liquor just so it goes away.

2) You will pull at least one all-nighter.

Even the most organized student will pull at least one all-nighter during their first year. Mine was due to a fixed-verse poetry assignment.

3) The societies you join become another family.


I know that the first thing every Fresher is told is ‘join a society’. Heck one of the events during Freshers’ is the society fair where you can sign up to the many different societies that are offer. However when you attend your first meeting, you are introducing yourself to your new family. These are the people that you meet up for a coffee with. The people who you can cry to when you have to pull an all-nighter and the people who make sure you get back to your flat after one too many.

4) Socials are the best and worst thing to exist at uni.

A tradition of many sports teams and societies are the infamous socials. These are normally themed nights with LOTS of drinking. Yes this means you’ll have to tackle a 9am on a Thursday with a thumping headache. However, where else can you say that you did a sprint race to the nearest pub via a 5 man rope?

5) Uni doesn’t cost just £9,000 a year.

It costs so much more. There’s the rent, food, books, clothes, society memberships, stationary, tickets to events, nights out…..

Yeah, uni is A LOT more than £9000 a year.

6) There will always be a drunk text/call/email/voicemail that you’ll regret the next day.

Mine was a conversation with my flatmate about what I doing in the bin at the local Whetherspoons complete with graphic details. How on earth I’m not blocked on her phone I still don’t know.

7) You will hate the rival university when varsity comes around.

For the rest of the year you engage in mild banter with the ‘rival’ university. However when varsity comes along, the rival uni becomes the target for memes and banter songs for a good few weeks.

8) You will have one food item you always HAVE to have after a big night out.

Mine was always the 30p Asda Smart-price garlic baguettes. (Honestly try them, they are actually really good considering the price.)

9) There will always be at least one person that uses lecture time to do something other than write notes.

Most of the time it tends to be panic typing for the following workshop. Other times it can be ordering a pizza for lunch after or quite simply just sleeping off that killer hangover.

10) You’ll make friends for life.

These are the guys that will share your pizza so you don’t feel fat. The people that you share your #squadgoals with. The people that know things about you that even your ‘rents don’t know. Uni friends are for life and not just for Fresher’s Week.

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