By Taylor-Louise Rowley.

1) Deciding which books to pack.

You’ve packed and unpacked and repacked and somehow, you still just can’t fit every book you own into your suitcase. Now I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to be rough, there will be very tough calls to make, but those who do not make it onto your shelves at uni shall not be forgotten. Now, I did take a whole box full of books to uni (and by box full I mean I had to lug a box with AT LEAST 30 books in up 3 flights of stairs) and I can safely say that I did not read them all, I know shocker. So save yourself the backache and just take your favourites or a few that you’re desperate to read.

2) Not having enough time to read.

I’m going to be frank with you, if you are an avid reader, you probably will find that the amount of time you spend reading will decrease unless you either become a hermit or want to fail all you classes. With lectures, trying to maintain a social life and trying not to damage your liver too much, it’ll be hard to find any time to read, so enjoy the rare moments you do find. Like when you’re supposed to be sleeping…

3) Not having enough money to buy books.

How on earth are you expected to buy the newest book releases and feed yourself? The simple answer is you’re not and you probably can’t. What’s more important, eating or reading? (I know, I’d pick reading too!) However, charity shops and websites like The Book People and The Works will become your new best friend! Really great books at really great prices, so do not fear – you may not be able to get every new release as it flies off the shelf but you will be able to fuel your book buying addiction.

4) People wont understand your need to read.

There will undoubtedly come a night where you have just settled down, have a steaming cup of tea and opened your book when a knock sounds at your door. Everyone is going out and want you to go too. So, you need to decide whether you want to keep your social life alive by going out or stay in on your own, with a good book. Don’t be afraid to say no, I would, sometimes you just need some time to yourself and do things you really want to do and that’s okay. Yes a social life is very important at University, but it isn’t the only important thing. So stay in one night and finish that book that’s taken you weeks to start, I would!

5) Not reading what you want to.

The reading lists for most courses can often be a little bit daunting to say the least. And they often mean that you wont find time to read what you want to, but you’ll find ways around this. You’ll read while making breakfast, you’ll read on your way into Uni, you’ll even read in the coffee shop before your lectures. You’ll come to treasure the moments you’re able to reads leisurely and yes, it may take you longer to finish a book now than it did before, but your reading list has just doubled and half of that list is compulsory. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the books you really love reading. There is always room for both; you just have to find the right balance.

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