By Taylor-Louise Rowley.

I KNOW WE’RE 17 DAYS INTO SEPTEMBER OKAY! But anyway, here were the things that I was loving last month!

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser.DSCN0503

The main reason I like this so much? Because I’m lazy! The fact this is a spray makes it so much quicker and easier to apply, it sinks into the skin super quick which means that I don’t mind using it because, like I said, I’m lazy and normally can’t be bothered with the hassle of moisturising, but now its quick and easy and smells super nice too!

Tangle Teezer.


This is an absolute lifesaver! My hair is super thin, so I only have to have a slight breeze pass me by and my hair is just one big knot. I tried every single hairbrush going and everything just hurt! Until I brought this, and yes I know I’m late to the party, (I always am) I didn’t really buy into the hype of it at first, but it really is as good as people say. It doesn’t pull on my hair and doesn’t make my hair all static either. I took this with me when I went away over the summer and it was so handy to just chuck into my bag because it was so small.


Soap & Glory Smoothie Scrub.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I have really sensitive skin so its hard to find a scrub that doesn’t aggravate my skin. But this leaves my skin so smooth and polished. It’s very thick but doesn’t have any of the big, hard exfoliating beads that can sometimes hurt more than help your skin. My favourite thing about it is hands down the smell. It calls itself a  ‘Oat, sugar and shea breakfast scrub with organic capuacu bio scrubs, bananas, almond and honey extract’ and claims to have a ‘great maple scent’ which means it smells absolutely divine!! I need to get a new tub asap because i’ve hit the bottom of mine and I can’t live without it!!


L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Nudes – Barely Greige By JLo.DSCN0508

I’m not really one for lipstick, I prefer a lip gloss or at the very most some sort of lip crayon. But when I saw this shade I had to have it. It’s basically a ‘your lips but better’ shade and is super creamy so it doesn’t dry your lips out. The only thing I would say I don’t like about this is the smell. I can’t quite place what it smells like and it isn’t necessarily unpleasant but it definitely isn’t the best, and the real problem I have with it is that the smell lingers. But smell aside it is definitely the lip product I was reaching for most last month.


ASOS Kitten Sunglasses With Metal Top.


Having to wear glasses I’ve found sunglasses to always be a bit of hard work, what with having to swap glasses every time you need to read something or see something in the distance. (Yes I am that blind and yes I am also that lazy!) These were a bit of a whim buy before my holiday and I’m super glad I got them, they went with everything I wore and were so my style (I love anything tortoiseshell). They will definitely be making a reappearance next year!

Zara Detailed Mini Messenger Bag.DSCN0543

THERE IS NO REASON I BROUGHT THIS OTHER THAN I NEEDED IT IN MY LIFE. I have thousands of bags, and the past few months I’ve tried to be a little more rational with my purchases, but when I was browsing online and stumbled onto Zara (because when you have no money to go shopping the next best thing is to look online and look longing at things) and saw this bag, I couldn’t resist. I very weakly told myself it would be my new holiday bag (and it was used on holiday, so pat on the back there Taylor) but I had more than enough bags that could also function as holiday bags. While I was sat at my computer having this debate with myself, i’d already, unknowingly, put the bag into my basket, paid for it and it was going to be delivered the next day. Nice one Taylor – but it is a very nice bag and it made me happy so I don’t need to justify myself to anyone! (Side note – the bag is still avaliable on the website if anyone likes it as much as I do.)

And there you have it, everything I was loving last month. Let us know down below what you’ve been loving or tweet us letting us know!