5 Reasons You Should Be Watching Scream Queens

By Aimee Costa

This week a new show aired on Fox, a show which shows characters dancing with the devil and being murdered by the bucket load. Why would you be interested in this? That’s what I’m here to tell you.

The series, Scream Queens, was created by Ryan Murphy who bought to our screens the fan favourite, all singing series that is Glee, and Brian Fulchuk who alongside Murphy helped bring to TV the scarier older sister of Scream Queens, American Horror Story. With the booming success of both Glee and AHS it’s inevitable that this show will have just as big of a cult following as it’s creative predecessors. Murphy and Fulchuk have also brought with them some familiar faces they’ve worked with.

The cast includes Lea Michele, who found fame as Rachel Berry in Glee, who catapults herself into a geekier character in Hester, who wears a neckbrace and seems to know a little too much about what to do with a dead body! There’s also Emma Roberts who succeeds in excelling super bitch transition from Madison Montgomery to Chanel, the leader of the Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority. As well as these two leading ladies, the cast includes Jamie Lee Curtis, an icon in the Scream Queen status for her role in the classic horror series, Halloween, Abigail Breslin who is all grown up and ready to be Chanel #5, Ariana Grande who *spoiler* doesn’t last a very long time as well as NICK JONAS. Yes THE NICK JONAS who kept your tween years alive is featured in the series and as the ending of the 2 hour debut episode showed, portrays a sinister character.

Though it has a horror theme, Scream Queens is witty AF! There are digs at the amount teens share on social media, as one character live tweets their impending fate, and there’s a scene which satirises the white girl issue that is getting the right Pumpkin Latte in the Fall! Think of Scream Queens as the less creepy cousin of American Horror Story and an aged version of Heathers, the cult classic which saw Winona Ryder act as passive towards murder as the sorority girls in this. The murder scenes verge so close to ridiculous that you are as likely to be disturbed as you are entertained. Acid spiked spray tans, a sorority induction burial turned beheading and a deep fryer prank gone deathly wrong! You’ll want to keep watching, even at the darkest moments you’ll be glued to the screen. Whilst American Horror Story may have included hiding behind a pillow and sleeping for a few nights with a light on, Scream Queens is horror high on creativity. You know somebody’s going to die, but that doesn’t take away the surprise of finding out who’s next, who’s committing the murders and why they’re doing so.

As of right now, Scream Queens airs on Fox in the U.S and, if you don’t want to dance with any law breaking devils by streaming the show online, you can watch Scream Queens in the Autumn on E4. You can watch the series trailer here!

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