By Taylor-Louise Rowley


I am a huuuuuuuge Greys Anatomy fan, ask anyone. I spent most of the time I should have been revising for my GCSE’s watching it back to back. I love every dynamic of the show, the love, the friendships, the highs and the lows, all of it! Greys is definitely a show that you, more often than not, get too invested in. Many tears are shed when you’re favourite character dies, or when some sort of disaster strikes the hospital. You jump and rejoice when your favourite characters FINALLY see the light and get together! (I mean Kepner and Avery anyone?!) Greys has always tackled everything so perfectly and was a show that I honestly didn’t think could get much better.

The first time I had doubts about where the show was going was when Christina left. The last episode of season 10 had many ups and downs for me. Yes to Christine being awesome, a million times yes to the last Christina and Meredith scene (I mean they danced it out one last time and then she told Meredith that she was the freaking sun!) but the whole thing being intertwined with Burke and that situation, I wasn’t keen. But I went with it, Christina wasn’t dead and we managed to get rid of her little sidekick Shane (I was not his biggest fan) so not all bad news right? Then Season 11 starts, and I’m worried how Christina being gone will play into the whole dynamic of the show, I felt like there was going to be a gaping hole in the cast. I was surprised but for the wrong reasons, I felt they moved on a little too smoothly, with very few mentions of Christina at all. Did you all bang your head and forget one of the most kick-ass surgeons to ever grace the hospital floor?!

One of the highlights of season 10 and 11 for me was April and Jackson – they are my second favourite couple ever! (Behind Meredith and Derek, obviously!) They are unbelievably cute and I’m so so happy they’re finally together. I think its great that they’ve not made their lives easy now that they’ve got together, yes they are married and happy but sometimes life still sucks. The storyline featuring in season 11 of their unborn child being diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta genuinely brought tears to my eyes, and I give massive props to how they dealt with the aftermath. My heart still aches for them both and I only pray to god season 12 brings some good news for them.

Now I’m going to talk about an episode that turned me into a sobbing mess – How To Save A Life. Episode 21 of 24 where everyones hearts were ripped out and then stomped on. McDreamy, easily one of my favourite characters throughout all the seasons, is the hero of the whole episode, on his way back to Washington DC to quit his job so he can be with his family, seeing a car crash and saving everybody like the absolutely amazing surgeon he is but you can’t quite shake the feeling that something bad might happen. Then boom, hearts ripped out! After being hit by a truck and then rushed to a hospital not equipped to handle traumas, Derek Shepherd is announced brain dead. By this point the ugly sobbing had started and I was making noises that sounded like an injured whale. Then as if it couldn’t get any worse, Meredith decides to take him off life support and right before they take the tube from his mouth, she calls out to him, as if begging him to wake up before telling him it was okay, that he could leave. Cue even more ugly sobbing. You’re just hoping and praying that its not happening, that he’s going to wake up. But he doesn’t. Now cue the ripped out hearts being stomped on.

The problem that I have with this is not that Derek died, all things considered it was really the best way for him to exit the show, rather death than some long complex reason that makes no sense. However, I just don’t think the show did McDreamy justice. It was too quick, too sudden, worlds were rocked too much and don’t even get me started on the plot holes throughout the episode, we would be here for days. I’m just not 100% sure how we’re going to recover from this, after watching the episode I wasn’t sure I was even going to watch the remaining episodes in the series. But I will give credit where credit is due, the remaining 3 episodes are handled with care and done extremely well, I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking it was some cruel joke and Derek would just appear as if nothing had happened. I have read articles a plenty with the explanations and justifications for killing Derek, but the wound is still too fresh and I can’t help but think it could have been handled so much better.

So RIP Derek Shepherd, our worlds will never quite be the same, you will be missed by so many.