An Open Letter To Freshers

Kelly Davis

There comes a time in every 2nd/3rd year’s life where they ask themselves, ‘what would I tell my young eager fresher self?’ So this is my little open letter to all you newbies out there.

Dear Freshers,

Firstly let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kelly Davies and I’m a second year studying English and Creative Writing. I also have Aspergers syndrome, which is actually part of a big thing called the autistic spectrum, the same spectrum that covers OCD, Autism and ADHD.

Now one of my ‘quirks’ is that, crowds and I don’t mix at all. (On the plus side it does mean I can skip the queues at theme-parks!) Now the Freshers Festival is expected to have 3000 students at the venue, so when your flat mates at the time leave you in the middle of the O2 with no contact number, you know it isn’t going to end well! I spent about 20 minutes trying to leave whilst constantly being fondled and shoved against my will. I was so traumatized by this horrifying experience that when I got back to my flat, I cried myself to sleep! I look back and laugh at little traumatized me because now I am able to go without the fear of being left behind. So a little bit of advice, if you want to go on a night out during Freshers, make sure you have someone’s phone number before you enter the venue.

Another thing, all-nighters aren’t as all as glamorous as people make them out to be. The reality is that you will have downed so many energy drinks that people will start to think you are high. Moreover, there will be a constant flurry of email exchanges with lectures until about midnight, where they tell you that they need some sleep. I will warn you, the ultimate low point is where you will be listening the Nyan Cat at 3 o’clock in the morning.

These are the time that you need friends. Which leads me to some good news, you will make friends here. Not only that but these friends will support you and help you no matter how trivial your worry may be. I remember me and my course-friends had a group chat (these will pretty much be a law as soon as you call yourselves a ‘squad’) and we had just been invited to a flat-party by this guy. Which leads me to another of my ‘quirks’, I can’t read ‘social cues’ that well. If you want me to go away, you have to tell me directly as opposed to throwing 100 hints (I’m getting better though, I only need 10 now). So I thought this person wanted to invite me in order to become his 3rd bride. You all laugh, but I was concerned that I was going to be sold for 2 camels when I’m clearly worth 5. However my friends put me at ease and assured me that he was probably only being nice.

Join societies!

Seriously, University has societies for pretty much everything within reason. Joining Tea Break has allowed me to write about all sorts of things and I’ve even got to go on a couple of adventures. Ok some people wouldn’t say going to Leicester Uni from DMU counts as an adventure but it’s a pretty good trek. I even got to go on a giant Australian themed Inflatable Obstacle Course which I can’t say I would have done, had I not joined Tea Break.

Of course Uni is highly renowned for it’s drinking culture. So let me remind you of the golden rule; thou shall look after their drunk friends on a night out. When you are going out with your friends, it is vital to make sure everybody gets back okay, since one guy who came back from Mosh alone decided to run into the wall surrounding the building site.  Of course this was very funny to lots of drunk people however we had to escort the man back to his flat. Meaning I had 20 drunken minutes of him adamant that I was on his engineering course. So remember guys, don’t drink alone and make sure all drunks and sobers are safely back at their flats at the end of the night.

What I am trying to say is that you will learn more than just a degree over these next 3 years. There will be tough times but for every tough time, there will be 10 times where you’ll be having the time of your life. The friends you’ll make are friends for life. So if you guys want to meet me in person for any more advice, look for me in my funky Fresher Rep t-shirt. Also if you’re going on the bar crawl, I’ll be wearing a blue T-Shirt with SubAqua, I’ll be sober mind because I’m giving up alcohol for the whole of October for McMillian!

SWALS (which stands for sealed with a loving smile).