By Taylor-Louise Rowley.

Yes I know, shampoo isn’t really that exciting. But these products are the best things i’ve put on my head in a really long time. I have really thin, flat flyaway hair which is a nightmare to control even on the best days. Now i’m not usually one to get fussy with my shampoo’s because it all does the same thing really, right? Before this one, I’d been using a L’oreal Elvive one which sometimes weighed my hair down. So when I was browsing in boots and saw this shampoo that claims is specifically ‘for fine, flat hair’, I was sucked in.


The shampoo bottle tells us it ‘gently cleanses giving natural volume’ and I 100% agree. My hair is normally far too flat to do anything with, but after using this, whether my hair was up or down, it didn’t have the usual flat to my head look. Now because my hair is so flat, I typically cant wash my hair everyday with the same product because it builds up too much and weighs down my hair. But I took this shampoo with me when I went on holiday to Ibiza this summer, used it everyday and it was like a dream! My hair never felt heavy, always had volume and, true to the claims on the bottle, ‘instantly dissolves’ which means less scrubbing is involved while washing.


Now the problem I typically have with conditioner, is that no matter what brand I use, my hair is always a knotty mess after and I end up pulling chunks of hair out when trying to brush it. BUT this conditioner makes my hair smooth and shiny, still doesn’t weigh it down and my brush glides through it. Its a hair miracle!

So if you’re after a new shampoo or conditioner, I would definitely recommend this (I mean i’ve already gone out and brought 3 more of each, because the thought of running out kills me) plus it smells super nice, and who doesn’t want nice smelling hair?