By Jack Wilkin

With Halloween just around the corner, readers across the world are getting ready to sink their fangs into some horror related books. I mean, what could be better than sitting in your room, reading an intense scary book that will probably give you nightmares for weeks? With that in mind, here are 5 horror/dark/fantasy style books that will give you chills in the cold, cold dark.

1. ‘The Red Room’ by H.G. Wells.

A short story that you can easily find online (and for free for those mystical Kindle users) which really explores psychological horror. Throughout the story, the question of is something else in the room with you, really makes you paranoid. Set in a hotel, the nameless character takes up the challenge of spending a night in the haunted ‘Red Room’, despite the warnings from other residents and even the hotel manager. Chilling, fast and haunting, this book will leave you not being able to walk in a room without looking behind you.

2. ‘The Ghost Hunters’ by Neil Spring.

A mix of fiction and nonfiction, the story follows a real life ‘Ghost Investigator’ called Harry Price during the 1920’s. His job is simple – to find the truth. Many families and relationships have been torn apart after the ‘Great War’ and so many are turning to the paranormal to find their loved ones. Harry Price is going to answer the question, is there life after death? All of this is nonfiction and accounts of Harry Price’s real investigations are noted throughout the book. The fiction element comes from Sarah Grey, Harry’s new secretary and companion. Together, they go to ‘The Borley Rectory’ which has been classed the most haunted place in England. As well as the paranormal, this book looks at trust, the facts and human desire. The characters are rich. The setting is fantastic. This book will leave you not knowing who to trust.


3. ‘The Queen Of The Tearling’ by Erika Johannsen.

Magic, monsters and monarchs…what more could you want?! Set in this dystopian world where people have resorted back to Medieval ways, Kelsea Glynn has just turned 19 and is now placed on the throne of the Tearling. She can’t abdicate, resign or quit. The only way of leaving the throne is if she gets assassinated, and she’s already in danger. Such a well written and solid book, exploring humanity’s darkest desires. She must rebuild her kingdom, but to what price?


4. ‘Half Bad’ by Sally Green.

Harry Potter meets Die Hard, this book series is great for you action packed, fantasy junkies. Set in the modern day world, the magical community is divided into white witches and black witches. Nathan is the son of the most evil black witch that has ever lived as well as being the son of the greatest white witch that ever walked the land. Brought up by his white witch grandmother, Nathan is treated awfully, being deemed impure. Magic, action, explosions, witches and mystery. Halloween solved.

  1. ‘The Woman In Black’ by Susan Hill.

A horror classic. With a movie, a theatre production and a sequel coming out soon, ‘The Woman In Black’ is an incredible horror story. Set in Victorian times, Arthur Kipps is sent to Eel Marsh House to sort out the funeral proceedings for the late Mrs Drablow. The moment Kipp’s reveals his reason for being in the small, isolated village on the north east coast of England, the villagers give nervous looks and hushed whispers. What awaits Kipps at Eel Marsh House? WARNING: If you expect a happy ending, you won’t find one here.