By Lois Linkens.

The world became a frenzy on the 21st October 2015 when Adele gave us one days warning before releasing the first single from her new album, 25, which comes out on the 20th November. With a heart-felt open letter she introduced herself back into the music industry and it welcomed her with open arms. The video for ‘Hello’ came out on the 22nd October, and within 24 hours had received 25 million hits on YouTube – and she’s on track to break more records as the views keep on coming.

When an artist goes a few years without releasing any new music, it poses a challenge for them. They have to create a comeback which will blow minds because there’s nothing worse than a mediocre comeback single. So, they have to consider the best technique for creating an excitement amongst the fans which will, no matter the quality of the song, guarantee it’s success. Some go for excessive promotion, some go for mystery – carefully placing hints around the internet for a few weeks prior to release, or leaving vague posts involving ambiguous countdowns on their Twitter account.

Or some, like Adele, simply drop a bombshell and revel in the chaos that ensues. She released a short snippet of her new song during an episode of the X Factor on the 18th, posted her open letter on the 21st and released her single on the 22nd, before anyone even knew what was going on. And it worked! The internet went crazy for her, she went straight to Number 1 on the Billboard charts and doesn’t look like she’ll be moving any time soon.

The song itself is very reminiscent of her previous two records – but it’s like an older sister rather than a twin. She has left behind the days of the break-up and the heart-ache and is coming to terms with whatever life may throw at her. It’s a song that we can all relate to. The unanswered telephone call, ‘I must have called a thousand times’ is something we have all experienced; we all know what it feels like to be unable to get through to someone. The lyrics of the song are gracefully simplistic, her voice is strong and her presence in the video is bold and confident. Watching the video stirs up every kind of emotion – it feels comfortable and familiar, like I’m meeting an old friend again, but also makes me want to jump into a freezing cold swimming pool and splash around until I’ve calmed down again.

I think we can all learn something from Adele. She’s never had it easy – the industry constantly harassed her about her weight and she was criticised because her music wasn’t like everything else in the charts. But she stayed true to herself, and when she needed to take a break (to have a baby!) she took it. She didn’t put her life on hold in order to have fame and success. With two best-selling albums and multiple awards under her belt – she really was at her peak when she withdrew from music! But perhaps that is why she is so successful. She’s the breath of fresh air the music industry needs – someone like the rest of us, who doesn’t let the glitz and glamour of fame get to her head and who knows that life isn’t just about making money.

Hello, Adele, we’ve missed you.

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