Kelly Davis

This week, DMU are taking part in the #ThisGirlCan campaign that aims to get more women involved in physical activity. This motivated me to work up a sweat and try some alternative ways to get fit, as well as recommending some of my own personal favourites.


Calories Burnt: Roughly 500 but you can get a more accurate representation via Fitday.

Where can I climb?

  • QEII have a 13 metre high climbing wall.
  • Also, if this is something you particularly enjoy, look at joining the DMU Climbing club.

What do I think?

Dangling 13 metres above the ground, a mixture of feelings overwhelm me. The first is the feeling of pain, so much of it is present in my upper arms. However, this is replaced with achievement after finally reaching the top of the wall (after I let go of the wall about 18 times). The biggest selling point here is the thrill of being so high above the ground, I mean, it’s not every day you’re waving to the people on the treadmills as you’re being lowered down.

Ballet Sculpt

Calories burnt: 380 to 450 (estimate from FitnessBlender)

When are classes?

  • Thursdays 18:25-19:10
  • Fridays 13:00- 13:45

 What do I think?

The easiest way to describe Ballet Sculpt is a mixture between Zumba and Pilates. However, while Zumba has you shaking your money maker, Ballet Sculpt has you pointing your toes and hopping across the dance floor.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Mozart and Beethoven you’re dancing to. In fact, the music is from the likes of Robbie Williams and Labyrinth. I wouldn’t wear your best makeup as you will work up a sweat within the first 15 minutes of the class.

What are the health benefits?

The whole dance aspect is really good aerobic exercise which raises your endorphin levels and makes feel fantastic. Also, the variety of mat work involved is really good for toning the legs and core muscles. The best thing is that you don’t realise that you’re working them until the morning after!

Overall, if you want an exercise that is fun, makes you work up a sweat and tones those problem areas, then this is the class for you! My only advice is to book in advance as the class is extremely popular.

Belly Dancing

Calories burnt: Roughly 400

Where: Level 1 (DSU)

When: Wednesdays 17:00-18:00 

Cost: £1 a session

What did I think?

Ever wanted to be a sexy camel? Well if the answer to that question is yes, then belly dancing is just the class for you!

It’s full of dance moves to work your core muscles and your upper body (because it’s not easy waving that veil around). It is also really good fun, in fact I didn’t even notice the time passing until it was time to cool down.
The class was full of very supportive girls and everybody looked as if they were having lots of fun, myself included. Normally, when I have exercised I’m gasping for water, yet after this class I felt sexy and was probably the happiest I had been all day. One things for sure, I’m definitely reaching for the veils and bells again!

(Huge thanks to the lovely ladies @DMUDance who took me under their wing. Even when I couldn’t get the veil to work.)


 Calories burnt: 600-700 calories per hour.

 Where can I do this?

There are official RLSS clubs all around the country but the closest one to university is at Cossington Street Sports Centre.


What did I think?

Now, I don’t mean to be biased, but I am a huge fan of the lifesaving course. Mainly because of how varied it is. If you can swim or you are willing to learn, then Lifesaving can give you a new way to do laps in the pool. One minute, you’re doing sprint intervals, next you’re towing an unconscious casualty fully clothed. The best thing about this course is that you learn vital lifesaving skills (first aid, how to do a risk assessment, what to do if you’re stung by a jellyfish etc.)

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