Lorna Ball

Located pretty much on the De Montfort University campus, this small pub come bar has become the ultimate ‘hang out’ spot for most DMU students, and after eating there a few times, I can see why. The other day, I had lunch there with my mum and as usual, we loved it. The atmosphere is friendly and strangely welcoming considering you aren’t greeted at the door, but the staff are pleasant enough, which is great as I’ll be more inclined to go there again.


The indoor seating area is spacious, with tables varying in shapes and sizes, it can accommodate for groups of two, all the way up to groups of ten or twelve which is great if you nip in for some pre-drinks before a well-deserved night on the razz! The bar itself is a nice size, even when its busy you’ll be able to slip in somewhere along the line, and get served relatively quickly. The décor is very quirky, with wire lampshades of all shapes, sizes and colours hanging from the ceiling to metal pipes with light bulbs attached protruding from the wall, this place really appeals to the fun loving nature of most students. It’s got a retro vibe about it, whilst also being rather modern which right now, is bang on trend.

During the warmer months, you could go and sit outside on the balcony, overlooking the river Soar. At night, the outdoor seating area illuminates with the help of hundreds of golden fairy lights, making for a magical Instagram photo (if that’s your thing of course).

In terms of ordering your food, don’t wait for someone to come to you, because trust me, they won’t. Make a note of your table number and order your food at the bar. They will then give you a bucket full of cutlery and condiments which also advertises that they have free wifi (the look of joy on my face when I read that…), and a stick with a card stuck on the end which notifies the staff which table ordered what.


The waiting time isn’t all that long, the most we’ve ever waited for our food was around fifteen minutes, and that was during the lunchtime rush, so you’re bound to get your food in good time. This time around, I opted for a ‘Chicken Melt’ burger, and my mum went for a ‘Shredded Chicken’ open burrito (yes, that is a thing), both coming in a £5.95 each. So it’s relatively cheap to dine there, although a pint of diet Coke will set you back £3.50, a bit steep considering I could get one in good old Wetherspoons for £1.99, but seeing as my meal was so inexpensive, the cost of the drink didn’t really bother me all that much.

The burger was tasty, with lots of different flavours coming in at once, and all complementing each other, I was rather impressed. Served on a brioche bun, the chicken had been cooked to absolute perfection, while the cheese had just barely melted, with some juicy bacon slices thrown in for good measure, it was delicious, so if you do find yourself popping in there for some nosh, I highly suggest you order that burger, you won’t be disappointed. I also got a generous portion of sweet potato fries to go along side with some homemade coleslaw. You can choose to have either ordinary potato or sweet potato fries, an important decision to make let’s be honest, but it’s great they have the choice. The coleslaw was pretty spicy because of the onion, so if you’re not a fan of raw onion, you most definitely will not be a fan of the coleslaw, so steer clear, or eat it with something else.

My mum’s open burrito was apparently very filling, with a variety of flavours, and generous in portion size, which is impressive considering how inexpensive it was. It was slightly spicy, something you’d expect from a burrito anyway, but the spice wasn’t overpowering, something my mum considered to be a plus.

The staff were friendly, serving with a smile, although they weren’t overly chatty, either way, they were pleasant and made us feel welcome enough. I would highly recommend this establishment if you’re wanting to try something different but haven’t been there before, likewise if you’ve just been for some drinks and not actually had food there, you should give their dishes a chance, especially for such reasonable prices, you can’t really go wrong.