Review of Deadpool – No Spoilers



Deadpool has actually changed my perspective of the comic book franchise, and here’s how:

The plot for your typical superhero outline is good guy meets girl, guy gets transformed into a superhero, girl gets kidnapped, and new superhero guy has to save the day. However, Deadpool’s origin isn’t what you would say is normal. The character of Wade Wilson starts off as an anti-hero at the beginning of the film; a vigilante of sorts, but without the mask, already doing jobs for those who have been wronged. This made the film totally awesome, especially as a standalone from the Marvel franchise. As he wasn’t really a good guy to at the start, when he turns into Deadpool it was kind of expected he would be very different to previous superheroes we are used to.

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Another trait of Deadpool’s is that he doesn’t mind the blood and the killing people, which is typical anti-hero behaviour. He wanders around in a red and black suit with an arsenal of guns and swords. His white eyes make him unique and the whole outfit could even give Spiderman a run for his money. The fact that he keeps making reference to his bum is a win for the ladies of the audience, as it is rather nice to look at (I wasn’t looking… Honest).

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The cinematography in this film is outstanding. I have actually been putting off watching a video about how it’s done and now that I’ve seen the film, I am ready to see how because it was incredible. I have seen a lot of effects in a lot of superhero movies but Deadpool trumps them all, in my opinion.

Another aspect which convinced me that Marvel wasn’t all that bad was the breakdown of the fourth wall. I know all the critics mentioned that it was good but I wanted to judge this myself and believe me it really helped bring the film to a higher standard. I don’t usually like the idea of a character talking to the audience, programs like Miranda and Mrs Browns Boys annoys me so much, but for Deadpool it really worked. It really does bring the action to you.

One of the main things that made this film great was definitely the music. There isn’t much of an original soundtrack, and that’s okay. I love music within a film because I believe that a lack of good music leaves a film with no real meaning behind it. In Deadpool, a lot of the music has lyrics and that’s what works. The songs from the trailer alone were enough to convince me to watch the film, but there is also a sweet homage to Wham within the film and it adds a hilarious element to the film, without a character’s mention. The Deadpool rap is also amazing and unique. Overall the music adds an amazing unspoken element to the film. When you go and see it, I guarantee the song ‘X gonna give it to ya’ will be in your head. It’s been on my most played list since seeing the film.

Now, let’s talk about Ryan Reynolds, shall we? We all remember him being Green Lantern, a role in which he wasn’t really good in (I’m being nice). I don’t think it was his fault though, I don’t think that studio did the character justice and Reynolds did his best to work with what he could. However, in Deadpool, he nailed it. He made the character his own and made it as though the character was actually written for him. We all knew that Ryan is a funny guy (if you don’t follow him on Twitter then you’re missing out), but we knew he was going to play this role because of the cameo in Wolverine (which he makes numerous references to within the film).

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There are huge references to fellow Marvel films and even a special cameo from Stan Lee (this is not to be missed, as it is especially hilarious) and even makes jibes at Green Lantern (DC franchise) so these are all things to watch out for when you go and see it.

Final Thoughts? I went in with high expectations, my friends had told me how good the film was, but I expected to be disappointed. I was wrong, and I’m so glad that I was. So, I bow down to one of the best superhero movies I have seen in a very long time. I’m giving it a 9/10.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then I suggest you book your tickets because you are in for a treat. Male or female, this is not a film to miss! What are you waiting for?

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