Performing with The Compozers

Sarah Quinton

Tuesday the 16th February was one of those nights that I will never forget, and this article is therefore long overdue. DMU’s Student Choirwas asked if they would perform with the growingly popular band, The Compozers, who’s music and live shows in the past have been described as vibrant and energetic. They originally formed in 2008 in their hometown, London, with other members joining in later years.

Having met up with them once before in a recording studio, we arrived at 6pm on the night for a sound check at Blueprint, Leicester. The music was so loud that I felt my whole body vibrating. Each of us were issued one of those indestructible wristbands to wear – the paper ones you used to get as kids that you eventually have to cut off with a pair of scissors. These enabled us to go in and out of the VIP room backstage where we stayed (freezing to death in my skirt, might I add) most of the night, waiting our turn. We even had a security guard posted outside the room – very menacing.

Other acts that were performing with them that night were also able to use the room before they were let onto the stage. Our excitement remained high as we sang song after song to pass the time, the others in the room twisting and dancing in their corners to the music.

At 9pm, we were led out in two lines in order to enter from either side, where we then awaited our turn to perform. Men with cameras attached to their bodies with some kind of scaffolding whizzed around the room, capturing as many people as possible. Others hovered around the front, getting the best angle of a band member playing that particular song. Then, it was our turn.

The lack of space on stage meant we had to stand on the ground in front of it, right up close to the audience. Crowding round mics, the band began to play as we sang. Surprisingly, they loved us – or more specifically, they loved Grace the soloist. Her performance not only blew away the audience, but the rest of the choir and the band as well, inspiring and exhilarating the best out of us. This moment (captured below) will forever be a ‘picture perfect’ to me, of being able to perform with such a prestigious band and a choir that I am proud to call my family.

The Compozers continue their tour, with details of their journey regularly posted and updated on their Twitter.