Oh, for fudges sake!

Kelly Davies @cREWllypenguin2

If you’ve ever been in Highcross shopping centre, then there’s a high chance that you have walked past The Treat Kitchen. It’s a little sweet shop with all sorts of delights and one thing that will catch your eye is their selection of fudge. My boyfriend (who will be referred to as bae) and I decided to face the hard job of trying some of their fudge so you don’t have to.


From left to right: Vanilla Honeycomb, Lemon Mirage, Cookies and Cream and Cherry Bakewell.

Note: The opinions noted below are solely that of myself and my boyfriend and not that of Tea Break as a whole. It is also important to note that the Treat Kitchen have not paid either of us to state our opinions on their fudge, so if we speak positive of any of the mentioned flavours, it’s because we think they are fudging delicious.

Lemon Mirage:

Me: It has a really bright, yellow colour which was why I was so attracted to it in the first place. Not only that, but the fudge is surprisingly creamy and just melts on the tongue. The lemon flavour is sharp but isn’t too bitter. It reminds me a lot of lemon curd. The meringue is very crispy and sweet enough to balance out the lemon. Will definitely be buying again!

Final thoughts: 8/10

Bae: I personally don’t think it tastes very lemony, however there is a lemon aftertaste. I too thought it melted in the mouth. The colour of the fudge is also very bright.

Final thoughts: 6/10

Cookies and Cream:

Bae: It kind of looks like soap and reminds me of something from Lush. It’s very crunchy, however I can’t taste the cream. It’s nice, just not what I would expect from a ‘cookies and cream’ flavoured fudge. I’d consider buying this again.

Final thoughts: 8/10

 Me: I love the way the Oreos are crushed into the fudge. The colour isn’t as bright as the lemon fudge but it tastes  amazing! It’s like eating really creamy Oreos. The fudge melts in the mouth and I’m doing everything I can to avoid eating the whole bar. If you are a fan of Oreos then buy this immediately!

Final thoughts: 9/10

Vanilla Honeycomb:

Me: Looks wise, this is my second favourite to the Lemon Meringue. I love the crushed honeycomb on top of the fudge and the little bits that are laced throughout. It was surprisingly chewy, considering the presence of the honeycomb, however you do get a slight crunch at the end. Overall I think it was nice, but the honeycomb wasn’t as powerful as the lemon and cookie flavours in the previous bars.

Final thoughts: 7/10

Bae: It doesn’t taste like vanilla. I imagined it would taste like Crunchie but, surprisingly, it doesn’t. The colour is slightly weird in my opinion.

Final thoughts: 6/10

Cherry Bakewell:

Bae: It doesn’t smell like a Cherry Bakewell, however it does taste like a Cherry Bakewell. The best one of the bunch in my opinion. My only issue is that it’s slightly too sweet.

Final thoughts: 9/10

Me: It is the most moreish of the bunch (I argue that this is because of the almonds). I agree with bae that it does taste like a Cherry Bakewell. In fact, if you gave me a Cherry Bakewell and some of this fudge, I would find it very difficult to tell the difference! It is definitely is the best one of the bunch and I will be buying this again for certain!

 Final thoughts: 10/10


It is clear that both bae and I chose the Cherry Bakewell as our favourite fudge. We paid £7.00 for all four blocks of fudge, which is £1.75 per block of fudge. So, if you fancy a little treat to help you during exam season, then I’d recommend giving the Treat Kitchen a visit.


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