Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review (contains hidden spoilers)

Anne-Marie @lizzydrip91

It was the big one. Batman vs Superman, the film I’ve been waiting for since it was announced and boy, were my hopes high.

I had to put off seeing it because of multiple deadlines and other commitments, but the time came and I needed to see it. After reading all of the reviews from critics and non-critics alike, I must admit, my hopes had been knocked before seeing it.

I had been warned before entering, to go in with an open mind, so I did. I left behind all that I knew before from the comic books and went in thinking it was going to be a good film. The question is, was it?

*This article contains some spoilers. These have been hidden for you to continue reading this article. However, if you wish to read these spoilers, you can simply hover your cursor over *spoiler* to reveal the hidden statements*

The film opens with the iconic scene of the loss of Batman’s parents which was all a bit showy. The music was dramatic indicating something bad was about to happen happening, and yes, it was but how many times do we need to see Martha and Thomas Wayne die? Everyone knows about it now because it’s been done. A lot. After this the movie progresses to the more important part of why Batman hates Superman. The reason: he destroyed Wayne Enterprise in Metropolis. Honestly, is that really a good enough reason? Not in my book.

After we see Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) being saved from terrorists by Superman (played by Henry Cavill). This is a pointless part of the film, in my opinion. I wanted to see some action from the beginning, not Lois being a damsel in distress and need saving (again) by Superman. She would not have gone to a war torn country if she didn’t know the risks. At this point, we also see Lois’s friend (Jimmy Olsen) *spoiler*. It is after about an hour into the film we see the two heroes finally meet. They actually meet as their altar egos (Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne), which I personally think falls a bit flat. During this part of the film, we are introduced to Wonder Women. I really liked Gal Gardot’s portrayal of Wonder Women. She suited the character perfectly and I am looking forward to seeing how good she will be in the stand alone Wonder Women film.

When our heroes actually meet as heroes and have their big battle, it went on for nearly ten minutes. From then on, the big fight was against Doomsday. *spoiler*. This was better than the fight with Batman and Superman, but it seemed too short and almost showy with all the explosions. It was definitely a good battle but I was hoping for more.

My main disappointment from the movie was the ending. *spoiler*. However, that’s not what truly disappointed me; it was actually the very end of the movie *spoiler*.

Okay, I must admit that the film wasn’t all bad. Batman’s fight sequences were great; it felt like I was playing Arkham City (the game) which I personally thought was awesome. They were realistic and well choreographed, which was a nice thing to see. This being said, I actually really liked the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. This is, perhaps, controversial but I thought he was exceptionally good as a brooding, older and darker Batman.

Overall the film has let me down. I was right to go in with low expectations because if I had gone in with high expectations I would have been even more disappointed than I am. I am not impressed with this latest superhero venture so far in the Superhero year. Marvel are currently winning 1-0 in my books.

Sorry Ben Affleck.

(Featured Image: Hypable)