Listen to the Booktubers, they’re right for once!

I’ve got a Goodreads account, I’m subscribed to many different Booktubers and I have attempted to do a few videos in a similar style. However, I’ve often learnt not to trust fellow Booktubers. Here’s a top rule for you – you won’t like every book that is released.

Some books you’ll adore, others you’ll think were ‘meh’ and there are many that you will dislike. So, whenever the book community rave about a new book, in this case Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, you should always take it with a pinch of salt. I mean, they raved about The Maze Runner by James Dashner and that was…yeah, least said the better.


This book has the corruption of The Hunger Games, the action of Divergent and chucks in special powers and politics. If you like the sound of that, then you have to pick this book up. Red Queen explores a world of people with Red Blood and people with Silver Blood, with the Silvers having special powers and ruling over the Red Bloods. Things get turned upside down when our main character Mare Barrow, a Red Blood, has a special power. She gets thrown into lies, deception and has to learn the hardest lesson: ‘Anyone can betray anyone.’

The amount of late nights I spent reading this treasure were justified. You will become so hooked that you enter a manic obsessive stage, where your whole life gets placed on hold. Nothing matters apart from reading this book and exploring this divided world!

For me at least, the world of Goodreads and Booktube didn’t disappoint. Lucky, since so much hype and expectations were placed on this novel. A fantastic read.

 Jack Wilkin