Storage Hacks and Decoration Ideas

For people, like myself, getting ready to leave university, it’s time to start packing up your university rooms (excuse me for a moment while I go cry in a corner..), but for you young, soon-to-be freshers or students moving into houses, it’ll soon be time to start thinking about decorating your new room! Here are a few ideas about how to make your room super awesome:

1. Put photos up in your room.


I love having photos up in my room! They remind me of my home, good friends and good times. I just so happened to have a spare notice board in my room, so I decided to hang my photos on it using string and tiny pegs. If you don’t have a spare notice board, don’t fret because there are loads of other creative ways to put up your photos. All you need is some blu-tac and you’re ready to go. In my second year, I stuck my photos on my wall in the shape of a heart. Get creative!

2. Invest in a shoe rack.



If only I had done this in my first year! It saves chucking your shoes in the corner of your room or at the bottom of your wardrobe and makes your room look 100% more tidy.

3. Keep all your hair products in a basket.


Again, this keeps your room tidier and means all your hair products will be in one place, plus it’s a real space saver!

4. Invest in a fold away laundry bag.

FullSizeRender (12)

The beauty of a fold away laundry bag is that when you’re not using it, you can just fold it away to save space. Mine has handles, which makes carrying it to the washing machine a lot easier. When I move out, I can either fold it up neatly or use it to carry all my dirty washing that I will, inevitably, have forgotten to do before I move out.

5. Save space in your wardrobe with one of these…


This wardrobe organiser is great if you have loads of clothes, but not a lot of space. I use it to keep my bed sheets in and tops that don’t need to be hung up, but it can be used for whatever you want!

6. Decorate with things that make you smile.

I have lots of little plaques that always make me smile when I look at them. Your university room should be somewhere you can go and chill out, so fill it with things that make you feel good.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! Check out Pinterest if you want some more.

Lucy Mugford