Leicester City are Premiere League Champions!

Just in case you may have been sitting under a rock (or confined to a dark room due to exam season) then let me explain what has been happening. Over the years, Leicester has had pride in 2 sports; football and rugby. Leicester has always performed quite well in the rugby, they have appeared in the premiership final eleven times but in football, not so much.

In fact, this time last year Leicester City were actually fighting to stay in the Premier League. This meant that the odds of them winning the Premiere League were 5000/1; to put things in perspective, there was more of a chance of Simon Cowell becoming our prime minister (500/1) or Kim Kardashian becoming president of the USA (2000/1), than Leicester winning the Premiere League.


However, on the 2nd of May, it actually happened. A sporting miracle occurred; thanks to Chelsea drawing with Spurs 2-2, Leicester won the Premiership. What happened next? Essentially a giant city wide party, cars were honking, people were singing and one bloke climbed a double-decker bus.

The atmosphere was absolutely incredible – people were cheering and celebrating on top of vans, I had a dance off with a fifty year old Leicester Fan, all the LCFC (Leicester City Football Club) flags were flying and fireworks were going off in the night sky. It is times like this that I’m proud to live in Leicester. I mean for crying out loud, Walkers has even released a flavour of crisps in this honour (Salt and Victory), just another reason to be proud of Leicester!

All I can say is a huge congratulations to Leicester City, and now let’s go out and celebrate your victory!

Kelly Davies @cREWllypenguin2

Feature Image – Leicester City